Godzilla vs Evangelion
Who will win?

PS: Damm that was a long time ago I did the last one.
  • Keiryu Well that depends. Are we talking Normal Eva 01 or Eva 01 with infinite energy or even Super Evangelion?

    If we just look at the picture it's Eva 01 either normal or with infinite energy. Which in both cases would mean our resident giant lizard would win. If we include the Super Evangelion however it might be a little diffrent.
    • Chriskris I think Eva 01 might get's Super at the moment he can't beat Godzilla.

      Just like Goku transform into a SS to makes a come back. :P
      • Keiryu While that would be fun. The super form of Eva 01 is more of a permanent transformation. To use a DBZ reference it is kind of like what happened to Uub after he combined with Buu.

        It can't revert back to it's normal form. Then again it would still be hard to decide but Godzilla is kind of used to taking down world breaking enemies. From battle experience alone the lizard has a superior level compared to Eva 01 or Shinji to be precise.

        My vote would go for Godzilla in the end for the simple fact that it is more battle ready.