Fanfiction Fights

  • Godzilla vs Evangelion
    Who will win?

    PS: Damm that was a long time ago I did the last one.
    • Keiryu Well that depends. Are we talking Normal Eva 01 or Eva 01 with infinite energy or even Super Evangelion?

      If we just look at the picture it's Eva 01 either normal or with infinite energy. Which in both cases would mean our resident giant lizard would win. If we include the Super Evangelion however it might be a little diffrent.
  • Which Character you like?
    I go for Niko.
    He's the more badass one here.

  • Kuroyuki Hime VS Asuna Yuuki
    It was 2 or 3 weeks ago I posted the last 'Fanfiction Fights'
    So here is the new one.

    I can't decide I like/love them both!!!
    So in my eyes it's a draw!!!

    But use your imagine/fantasy and thinks who's gonna win.
    • Keiryu Hmm...This one is a bit harder i mean they both are bound powerwise by the game they play...So yeah honestly it is a hard one.

      However if we go no hold barred then the winner would be Kuroyukihime since she has much more close quarter combat abalities compared to Asuna...However then again Asuna has various "Game" forms to reach into since she has her SAO and Alfheim form...But still she is a close quarter sword used and her most devestating move involves a 11 hit combo that while impressive would not be enough in my opinion.

      So yeah WINNER: Kuroyukihime
  • Who's gonna win?
    The female fight isn't like this one.
    I picked my favo female char to let them fight.

    And this round I picked the main character.
    Well as a DOA Fan. I actually don't have a feeling Hayate is the main character so I picked him up becuz he's the Brother of Kasumi.

    I neva played Fatal Fury, But based on the Anim/OVA/ONA Terry was the main character there so I picked him up.

    And when we talk about SF (Street Fighter) everyone will say RYU!!!! 
    Same story for Tekken.

    That's how I picked up those chars.

    Anyway, use your FANTASY/IMAGE to think who will win.
    When they meets each other and start to have a fight.
    Don't think about power, but use tactics too. etc. :P
  • Who will win?
    It was a long time ago I posted Fanfiction Fight.
    I maked this pic around november last year,
    AnywayThey are all my favo chars in those games.
    So I can't decide who's gonna win.
    I also don't want to :P

    So I let you guys decide.
    • Keiryu Hmm This one is hard...

      But honestly i think i would have to go with Mai Shiranui mostly because i believe she is the most flexible.

      Still it could go either way if it was 5 way fight free for all style. Even if let's say Mai wins against Chun-li she would end up open to be be attacked by Ling which would leave her at a disadvantage...So yeah very hard one
  • EVA-01 VS Galaxy Convoy
    And here I came up with a new Battle!
    Who do you think will win.

    If you don't know those two characters I will tell you.
    First one 'EVA-01' is from Neon genesis Evangelion.
    The other one is Galaxy Convoy A.K.A Optimus Prime.

    • Ebony prime all the way. he's badass incarnate. he took on anyone if they try to hurt others (dont know the other guy) and prime has more heart then anyone that guy fought to the death against Mega Tron (the 1989 movie not the newer one) and still it was bad ass and u felt horrable when u saw prime die (when i first saw it when i was little i cryed) but he the speech he gave was epic and proves hes #1 in any way.and hey came back from the grave. btw 4 the record i saw it about 9 years later.
    • Keiryu As much as i love me some Eva. I have to go with Mr. Prime on this one. Of course that also depends on which version we use. I mean if we use the 3 years after Evangelion Unit - 01 Which by that point is simply called "Super Evagelion" then it would be more complicated.

      But yeah other than that it's Oprimus.
  • Who Will Win?
    Huh when did we changed from Comic/AnimeGame character(s) to real person(s)??

    Well, it changed when I read alot of ppl saying Bruce lee will when against Chuck Norris. And yea so on.

    And that inspired me to make this.

    If you don't like it don't hate this pic or rage.

    I'm rooting for the Asian Team.

    Next will be Comic/Anime/Game Characters. (I think XD)
    • Erudain I think Seagal could defeat Jet Li....Aikido tenets and skills focused on counters and body locks are really useful against light offensive minded styles like Kung Fu or Tae kwon Do because you only need fast arms, you don't need to be moving or jumping around.
    • Chriskris Oooh I c, I forgot to put my logo in the pic.
      To lazy to re-edit it. :P
    • Keiryu actualy i have to disagree with you Bruce Lee would win against Chuck he is the more "experienced" fighter of the two.

      quiete honestly if it comes down to it the Asien team would win hands down simply because they are more of speed type fighters that dodge a lot.

      1 Fight: Asien Team Wins.

      Our dear Rambo is just not able to keep up with his opponents speed/evading.

      2. Fight: Asien Team Wins.

      Chuck Norris is not that good of a fighter as the people think Bruce however is what you would consider a master of his art.

      3. Fight: Asien Team Wins.

      Same as all the rest Claude is not that great of a fighter he is like the rest of his team a "Head through the wall" type of fighter.

      Now don´t get me wrong i am a big fan of every single one of them but if yo see what they are capable of the winner is easy to find.
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  • Jigen Daisuke VS Duke Togo
    Who's gonna win?
  • Jesus VS Gautama
    Watched this Anime long time ago.
    In this Anime Jesus & Gautama (Buddha) are best friends eva.

    But then I came up with a funny idea.
    And here it is.

    For those who is christian or buddhist I maked this for fun. No meanings behind it.
    So don't rage becuz of this pic.

    Who do you think wil win. :P
    This time I srsly don't know so I say draw. ^_^
    • SimMan I actually think Jesus will win because he did use violence once to clear the Temple off of money changers. Not too familiar with the backgrounds of Buddah but the guy obviously believe in everything is ultimately nothingness so he will not start any fight at all.
    • Keiryu Well i know the Manga did not know it had an anime too.

      Anyway Like SimMan said if we are talking influence then my money is on jesus those christians are crazy....

      But if we are talking a real fight...Buddah is my choice for a winner i mean let´s face it Jesus would probably let himself be Die just to save us from our sins without Buddah even having to lift a finger. ^_^

      But kidding aside it would be most likely a draw since both are pacifists.
    • SimMan are u talking about a real fight? Or comparing their influences?
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  • Xabi VS Nigel
    Before raging. Wanna read this?

    Look this one is just for fun.
    No any meanings behind it.

    I was searching for some epic battle's.
    But suddenly this popped out on Google.
    And then my fantasy started again. XD

    Yea both are great soccer players. 

    Ignore 'Mark Van Bommel' (The person at the left side.)

    So, i've you're a fan of Xabi and have to rage on this topic/picture.
    Then you should re-read this again.
  • 孫悟空 (Sun Wukong) VS 二郎神 (Erlang Shen)
    It took me a while to think up a good match.
    I bet that not everyone know who these two are but don't worry.It's all up to your fantasy who's gonna win or lose.
    For those who plays LoL might know who Wukong is. Also for those who watch DBZ also knows that Goku is reffered to him.
    Anyway, Wukong & Erlang are rivals. Just like Ash & Gary :P.
    I will root for Wukong.

    I re-editted it becuz the first one got some misspelled stuff.

    • MenXi drawn game in 《西游记》
    • Keiryu Uff hate to admit it but sadly i don´t know enough about either of those sure i know my fair shair of who Sun Wukong is and what his powers are but other then that i have little to no clue who could win...

      Guess i gotta relearn my mythological creature facts. ^_^
    • MenXi 看得懂中文吗⊙▽⊙?
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  • Mario VS Luigi
    I'm trying GIF's.
    Yea I maked this one.
    But I might gonna make some more. :P

    • Keiryu Mari win´s hands down...not even going to bother saying way he just has more powerups plus he is a sociopath who is more then willing to hurt his brother while Luigi is a coward that would not lay a finger on his brother...

      Yeah that is really all i am gonna say about it Mario Wins easy as that no analizing needed. ^_^
  • Zero VS Kira
    That's what I always wanted.
    A fight between both Genuis.

    I bet it would be very Epic to watch it.
    If I have to root. 
    I will root for Zero.

    Reason? "SPOILER ALERT!!!!"
    Becuz he choosed a New World for he's little sister.
    While Kira also choosed for a New World w/o bad guys/criminals.
    He turned to be a bad person...

    But yea. let your fantasy go WILD here. :P
    • Keiryu Okay thinking clearly on who would win i would have to say Lelouch has the better chance in both fighting head one and a strategic battle so let´s see.

      Lelouch Vi Britannia/Lamperouge(Zero) VS Light Yagami (Kira)

      In a battle of wits both are very even matched Lelouch was able to deceive a whole kingdom including some of the smartest people out there while Light was able to do the same to the JPD, FBI and the greatest Detective out there (and no i do not mean Detective Conan).

      And their special abbilties work well against each other too the Death Nothe being able to kill Lelouch instantaniously if ligth discovered who he was and the Geass doing pretty much the same if Light ever looker Lelouch in the eyes.

      Usualy i don´t go there but this is really a situational battle both relly on allies and the places they are in to beat their opponents so the battle would be won tho who could discover the identity of the other first...Sadly Lelouch as Zero is very public and it would be easy for light to discover his name then again knowing Lelouch he would find someway to discover his abilities and use them against Light probably forming an alliance with the likes of L long enough for him to gain an advantage since he is the better manipulator (having his geass and all).

      Still even after all that Light would also find a way to use Ryuk wisely and knowing him he would love the challenge to go up against an immortal C.C. just to relive him of his boredom.

      So quiet honestly this battle...Is a Draw...BUTT i won´t lieave it at that.

      Since that was only testing their mental abillities now if we go into pure combat Lelouch would slaughter Light simply because he has the larger number of allies and no fear at all to blow things up with his Knightmare frame or just shooting people.

      So yes while Light would be able to stand his own in a Battle of wits and maybe depending on the situation be able to outclass Lelouch as shown when he did similiar things to L when it comes to pure variety Lelouch is just better having More Allies more ways to come up with a strategie and more destructive power and no fear to use it.

      So all in all said and done.

    • Keiryu ohhh this one is just to good and i have a basic idea but let me check a few things.
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  • Comic VS Anime (Womans/Girls)
    Few weeks ago.
    I maked a Male version of this battle.

    Now I maked a Female version of it.
    Before people gonna hate me.
    I just make this for fun. Not to make one of those charater(s) looks bad.
    As a diehard fan of Anime's I will always root for Anime character(s).

    Anyway, give me your opinion why u think who will wins.
    If you can't think of a 1v1 match. Just think like League Of Legend.
    And it's a team match.

    It's your fantasy so I'll let you think about it.
    Cuz I got my own already. :P

    Also for the fight about Spider-Woman VS Chrome Dokuro.
    I kinda preffer Kyoko Sasagawa or Haru Miura over Chrome Dokuro.Becuz I think one of those will ends up with Tsuna.But both of them can't fight so I had to change my mind to Chrome.
    But in my fantasy WORLD. I think Mukuro will ends up with Chrome.But yea for this one I have to choose Chrome instead of Kyoko or Haru...

    • Keiryu i feel a bit ashamed but who are the last two i can´t remember them...

      Also dpn´t worry no one will hate you they know you just do it for fun it´s my job to ruin their fantasy of who would win with cold hard logic. MUHAHAHA!!! wow i just noticed i am INSANE person using logic. o.o

      i will start analyzing and then get back to you.
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  • Who's gonna win.
    It took me a while to think up a good match.
    Lately i'm playing Assassins Creed Unity.
    And I though hmm what about if Ryu Hayabsa was in this game.

    Before people start flaming/hating/raging/gay...(error) etc in this Pic.
    I'm a Ninja Gaiden Fan. 
    So I will root for Ryu over Edward/Arno or who ever that guy will be.
    I will also let you guys think about who that other person is. Cuz Assassins Creed have alot of main character(s) in there games.

    But anyway, have fun.
    And think about why you think who will win.

    Don't come up with. Becuz I like him/her/it so he win! (Use some fantasy!!!)

    • Keiryu Funny i am currently working on one myself involving an Assassins Creed Character ( Altair Ibn-La'Ahad in my case) going from the picture that is also Altair (Could also be Ezio but i doubt it).

      Now honestly this is an Easy fight to judge Ryu Wins Hands Down.

      Now usualy here i would go into a long drawn out explanation on why i thing he would win but in the case of this two it is quiet simple.

      Altair Fights Humans, Ryu Fights Demons...and if that is not enough Ryu can dodge Rockets.....and while yes it can be argued that Altair wuld win if he used the Apple of Eden it would end up A Draining him of his own life and B is not part of Altairs usual equipment so i don´t count it. Same with Ryu´s "True Dragon Sword" since the "Eye of the Dragon" is not part of his usual arsenal and he never carries it with him (with the Sword and the Eye being always seperated for fear of it´s power).

      So yeah all in all Ryu wins for the simple reason that he is used to fighting Demons while Altair fights highly trained Soldiers nly way Altair would have a chance would be with the Apple of Edenbut even then if i counted that i would have to count the True Dragon Swordwhich would give Ryu the needed boost to even beat the Apple.

      All in All said and done chicken butt and bullsack.

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