• Fall So... its lovemore available to play now? I am a brand new playing and just saw this wile I am playing simgirls.
  • CanadianGuy Now stop me if I'm wrong but I believe SimMan and therefore the lead programmer are in Canada, and I found this webpage listing the processing times for different applications. Again not sure if I'm completely off base assuming this is being done in Canada, but a good reference for anyone who is wondering how long on average stuff like this takes.

  • Alexandre and if gorvernment not approve, what happen for people have bougth the game? ( sorry for my English )
  • Shawnsan I didn't even realize you had to have a government work permit for games like this. Just another reason I hate government lol. I really want to play this game.
  • SimMan still waiting for government to approve the work permit. They need a lot of backups.
  • thecapitan233 How much longer?