The Ultimate Trading Experience (
Just informing the finance nerds that the ULTIMATE HOLY GRAIL is OUT!
  • SimMan Haha nice I think you will be the financial SimMan one day. After all these years of trading I don't look at any chart/pattern/indicator at all. Now I just buy something that is becoming too cheap too undervalued. My last move was 1.5 years ago. I bought USD that's all.
    • Robin I never thought of you as a trader :)
      I've been thinking about getting into it myself but have wondered if it's actually worth it if I can't invest enough time in it to really know the "works of economics" bcuz it seems I'll basically just be gambling (and most autotraders look like scams :p)

      Have you ever won (or lost) much money with it?
      • Kentaro Robin, VERY VERY FEW autotraders are good. You should not gamble, use signals instead. That way you control where your money is going, and with an expert's trusted analysis. PM me for more!
        Also, check out ! ( New website I started. )
      • SimMan Both. My experience, it is pretty much a scam. The Wall Street people are the smartest people in the World and everyday they are coming up with ways to take money from others in the market - that's how they make big money. It works like this: they spread rumors via media on purpose. More often than not the experts are pointing you to the opposite direction, the wrong side of the trade. At the end you need to know a lot and almost too much about economies, businesses, politics, histories, world events, banking and shadow banking and some lucks in order to make good money out of it.

        If you have great interests in economies, businesses, politics, histories and world events..., then go ahead and treat it more like a hobby instead. If you are planning to hit a jackpot so that you don't need a full-time job, I won't recommend it at all.
        • Kentaro BTW, SiM I do not really know about full time jobs, but I earn quite a bit as a part time job. I do not dedicate over an hour a day to it.
          And well, your success really depends on whether you are with the right people or not.Also on how hard you are willing to work. Before cutting my schedule to 1 hour a day, I studies at broker academies for upto 8 hours in nights.
    • Kentaro I call you life inspiration because not only are you a VERY VERY good gamemaker, but also an amazing personality with a Good nature.
      Weirdly, my whole family has been in banking. Great-Grandfather and all before him were private monelylenders and landlords, grandfather was a banker, dad is a banker, Junior Uncle ( Youngest after me ), is forex trader, older uncle ( older than dad) is in stock owns and operates stock brokerages and I am in Binary Options. o_O Don't know why, but I've always been fascinated by wildly oscillating markets and wild charts.
    • Kentaro Finally, words from the real living SimMan - life inspiration. I feel honored.
      Though it really depends on how minutely you observe the markets. An Economic calendar is your best buddy then.