kentaro's introduction. [read description]
so how is it doing friends? ;)
kentaro geek mado god king here.
actually i just randomly made up the picture. [ i was dreaming what my character in lovemore might look like, i was bored. but hey i don't think i stand a chance of getting a character, it's all for the early birds i suppose. meh whatever.]  
so i made up this image to show my lovemore char. ambitions. 
please rate it.
best regards, kentaro. 
  • Keiryu "God"....o.O.....Really....You went there. You are trying waaaaaay to hard to surpass the Master Aka: Me

    Still a nice picture. ^_^
      • Keiryu One does not simply upgrade to God level. You lack the necessary God Powers.

        The only God/Admin like beings on Blackspears are Robin, Akira and Me.

        After that come the Demi-Gods/Mods Rang and Soham.

        And above use is the Creator/Creator...Aka: SimMan.

        So yeah you are far from "God" Level stick to being King of your non-existent people. ;D
        • Kentaro yeah whatever.
          in your logic that means saying being admin of another forums [ which i am]
          so that makes me the god over there, sorry to say, but poor logic in the very least.
          and ya when you mentioned ganesha, he is the real powerful god.
          i become the demi-god in front of him.
          • Keiryu If you are a "God" on that other place then that is up to you i keep telling you that here you are no God and neither are you in "Real Life" as you put it.

            It has nothing to do with my logic it's simply truth i never said anything about any other place.
        • Kentaro if ya need pictures of people [ i like adding randomness to bs]
          i'll upload some.
          besides, to be precise, you ARE THE GODS ' ON BLACKSPEARS'
          i haven't seen gods reside on socioengine servers. XDXD
          gods reside real-world, in their real place, JUST LIKE ME.
          • Keiryu Nope that is where you are wrong our powers are the only REAL powers. You have nothing.

            If we talk "Earthly" gods then you have way to many competition since all you are trying to be as "Geek God" is the God of Intelligence/Wisdom/ Knowledge.

            You would have to compete against gods/goddesses like. Isis, Ganesha, Odin, Athena, Minerva and a lot more gods...

            So yeah so much for that you never will be god of anything geeky since everything geeky involves some form of Intelligence and your competition is way to big...

            PS: On a random note INSANITY actualy has Gods for example Mania/Manea and Lyssa but it still is less competition than you would have.

            PPS: Geeks themself already have Gods...Yeah i am not kidding this time they already made a bunch of them everyone ruling over a diffrent "Geekie" element...So yeah once again you will never be the Geek God. :D
  • Kash Stereotype tourist :-)
    Looks good!
    • Kentaro well to be honest, i am a tourist whenthe summers are on. [ which they are, in india atleast.]
      but tempertures soartoo high, almostas high as 49 degrees.