• Finally Reached the Ending.... And I am so Moved!


    I finally fnished the game, and reached the ending.The Ending was Completely ..... Well, I am out of Words. Quite Literally.
    It Explained a whole new meaning of love to me, a simple teenager who does little except Study and Porn. I see NOTHING in Porn nowadays. IT has completely given me a new perception about love, life, and well, .... Relationships.

    And I feel like I've learned that Money is NOT all....There's more to life than money... There is much, much more to life than Money. I am feeling that fire in me, that fire which is screaming in my head, That You have not Takn orm on this mother earth to just... Pay Bills and Die :p
    The Game is absolutely fantastic. The Graphics, Gameplay, and most of all, the story, is really touching.
    However, amongst all the perfection, I have only one thing to ask of you.... The Game is unfinished! The Story CANNOT End like that! Me, The Player, Cannot live without DEA LOVEMORE!
    I want DEA! I want her BACK! The SOL cannot disappear like that.
    You invented A La Prochaine, and you must Get me and DEA Our SOL's Back!
    Or I promise I won't PM you When I become the next Billionaire!
    I really am taking the Project of Making Shambala a real-life Country Very Seriously. Now here's a very serious fan for you, buddy!
    Else I will also Hire Leiryu to kill you. LOL. :p
    That's all for the time.

    • OSB oh no... I haven't finished the game yet but I get a sense that the story will end sadly...
    • SimMan First welcome back on the board!! Second, I have sad news for you, I can't develop Lovemore 2 right away, the scale of the story requires a much bigger budget in order to do it right, so I will have to start with Rosebery first. I can promise you however that I will try every way to get to Lovemore 2 as soon as I can.
    • Robin This has nothing to do with the post, but does using @MemberName work in post descriptions? Just wondering. (I mean for tagging a member)
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  • Are they?
    Midou Sayaka - Mankitsu Happenning. Sirena Lovemore - SG lovemore.
    Are the related? close? inspired? anything?
    • Keiryu Highly doubt it. Mostly because of the release date of Mankitsu Happening which if i recall was in 2015.