Keiryu/Keir Neko Mode Activate Ver. 2.666
Dawwww is that not the cuuuuutest Master of INSANITY you have ever seen? Makes you want to pet his belly while he destroys your mind. 

Honestly i am suprised i did not make this one sooner. I mean every Anime fan loves Nekos...So a Keiryu Neko was kind of a must have. ^_^

Anyway that's all for now break you next time.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently looking cute while Sacrificing)
  • Kentaro neko sHoujo XDXDXDXDXDXD
    • Keiryu Like i said just because i am a creepy INSANE bastard does not mean i can't look cute. ;D
      • Kentaro butt, did you pay attention to 'shojo' XDXDXXDXDXD
        • Keiryu Pff you call that fu**ing with people...I f**k with people you still have much to learn in the art of true fu**ery before you can reach my level...

          GET ON MAH LEVEL BOY!!!
        • Keiryu I paid attention to it...Yet sadly it has no real meaning in the context you used it since it means either little, young or girl/woman.

          So all you said was Cat-Girl...Which considering you are looking at what appears to be a guy would not apply...Just saying you should know this things since you speak japanese.
  • kotomifan If you scratch him under the chin, does he purr?
    • Keiryu Obviously he does....Then again he also rips out your eyeballs while purring so not sure if you should try it....
      • Kentaro and then he proceeds to your brain......claw your heart......block your arteries using wollen balls....
        • Keiryu Maybe i am simply me...Maybe i am INSANITY in person just toying with all your minds...Heck maybe i am SimMan without letting anyone know...The possibilities are endless.

          However i will leave that particular guessing game for you.

          For now i am simply Keiryu The long hair loving, dark humor liking, Virgin sacrificing sometimes humble sometimes psychotic Master of INSANITY. ^_^
          • Kentaro yes, that simman argyument has some reason.
            probably you are another account run by simman, where he his in his wildest. on the outlook of professional demeanour, he can't behave like his true self. so he created this gonzo profile. to excruciatingly show his wild side....then again not showing that it is not him . [24830,SimMan] , is this true? o.O
        • Keiryu How come you always compare me stating a point to a rant? I am what i am which is simply the Master of INSANITY it was never a secret.

          The only one in doubt about what i am is you.
          • Kentaro nah..............the doubt remaining that whether you are anything else than never will disclose it, but we have our minds working.
        • Keiryu I don't eat brains what am i a zombie? o.O I might use it when i happen to blow my own brain out but eating it is just not my thing...Might feed it to Cuddles though.
  • Kentaro hahahaha....funniest keir i have seen till date..
  • SimMan cat man
    • Keiryu Pretty sure there is a Superhero like that...Beware his whiskers of DOOOOOOM!!!
      • Kentaro his claws would more suitable i think ;D
        • Keiryu Cat's are quite facsinating creature i have a couple myself yet you also just proved how usefull Whiskers truly are.
          • Kentaro i myself consider purchasing a persian one. but short by a small amount. hoe my ptc lives up to it.
        • Keiryu Pff you think claws can win against the Whiskers of DOOOOOM!!! You obiously never faced the Whiskers of DOOOOM!!! in combat. ^_^
          • Kentaro AS THINKING from a sane and evolutionary biological viewpoint, claws are weapons. whiskers evolved as a super-sensitive feature, helping catts find thei directions. [and these features are real, one one of my neighbourhood cat used to trouble us, i petted her, and surprisingly she became quite a pet. but my parents found the poor kitty a nuisance, and i had to leave her farawy- but it came back from 55kms, theree times in a row o.O ]
  • Keiryu Neko Keiryu: Because INSANITY is no excuse for not looking cute. ;D
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