ehm,.. the creator chibi style (
On a side note, if they don't like their chibi, they should pm me, and i'll delete the post asap. well the fact is that i'll keep posting updated versions to the point that they fall in love with their chibis ;D
  • SimMan pretty neat thank you please send me a bigger version if you can
    • Kentaro like, pm you the link or should i upload bigger version?
    • SimMan I am wondering who's next
      • Kentaro any suggestions? :D
        i was thinkingg of an updatted soham version.
        also a keiryu, but i don't know about his phhysical appearence, so it's difficult. i want more sugggestions of people whhose real photos are available.
        • Keiryu Considering my face is hidden...I don't want to know how you see yours...Also the wings where self added they don't belong to him that's why i said to ignore them.
        • Keiryu You ain't getting my real appearance your human mind can't handle my true form just look how SimMan created my character after seeing my appearance. :D

          Just go with the picture you see in my profile (Except the wings).
          • Kentaro the wigs are the bast part. how can i leave them[you should know that i am obsessed with wings]..besides, i think i see my own face everyday, that's sufficient enough for me to bear see your appearance. besides, simmann may have splashed black and grey on a paper, burnt it in the flames of hades, and what was left was your avatar. i am sure.
  • Kash Not too bad. Keep going!
  • Keiryu Looks similiar enough i say.