Robin Animated Avatar
So hello friends how is it going?
Finally Kentaro is back with something interesting to post.
This is the ANIMATED AVATAR for our member Robin.
After seeing comment on a post, I asked him whether he would like me to make it. And so this guy came in existence.
Yes, I have manually added the RED HAIR PATCH from the dreaded software paint! Tell me please how does he look?
See you soon Blackspearians! ;-)
P.S- Yes, the SOURCE IS HIS LOVEMORE DRAFT. While I could not get the cool SMA suite, I tried my best.
And also, sadly school, oh sorry, Junior college has begun for me, so I wold not be too much active- bt trust me I will always be there for at least 4-5 hours a day or so!
  • Keiryu Stop looking trough my posts for lines to steal if you are not using them right

    Your whole description was stolen from my posts from the greeting of everyone to the "FINALLY KEIRYU HAS COME BACK!!!" Which is a The Rock Reference only i have used. To even the term "Blackspearians" which i is something i made up.

    I told you before i tell you again if you don't get it right avoid stealing my lines.
    • Soham Banerjee I think you should remove those "Copy" Portions from the post. I did feel like I have read this description before somewhere.
    • Kentaro if it annoys you, i feel my job is done. ;)
      • Keiryu You want to annoy me...Haha...Ohhhh Mah boy i will teach you a lesson to remember when i am annoyed people get fucked.

        Robin is right i have become way to soft recently but i guess i will have to find my old self again.

        INSANITY will get you ass but my hand will bring the hammer down and we will see who will annoy who.

        You wanted my attention well be happy because i am going to give you a looooooot of attention from now on so let's have some fun. ^_^
        • Kentaro what is your actual point?
          you speak like those hindi movie villians who speak a lot of nonsense before making their point.
          • Keiryu My point...There is none that is the beauty of INSANITY.

            You just need to learn that when you play a game you have to expect them to play against you.

            And yes i am the villian heck i am the goddamn Bastard the kind of guy you don't want to play games with because i break the toys and then the player..All you can do is wait and see what might happen...Or not have fun trying to decipher what will happen. ^_^
  • Robin Wow, school years really differ from where I live. I have a vaction until September (I'll be working though).
    Anyway, looks nice. I might steal it for my next avatar :p
    • Kentaro hey, I really made this up with that intention! using that as your profile will mean honour to me. XD
      and your vacations.... damn... I AM JEALOUS!!!
      • Robin Well, I'll still be working 8 hours a day but after that no more obligations :p
        • Kentaro it is not gambling really. it all depends on market. you just need to know a thing or two, and watch the markets for a while. not much.
          I just login to the robot everyday- and see my profits. as of wanting the robot, can you please PM me? I do not wish to disclose such sensitive details in public.
        • Kentaro calling BO trading scam is like calling windows a camera.
          B.O has made me rich. I am able to pay 90% of my fees.
          I have earned $4,500 in 1.5 months time, with success rate of 95%. Actually I used trading Robots, hence the high success rates. All of this with initial Deposit of $250. Hard to believe, right? so it was for me. Actually $250 deposit was too difficult for me to acquire, since that was 15000 INR. but broke double in 4 days! :-)
          I am a bit happier person now that I can pay much of my fees, and have a lot of freedom too. That is what I was collecting so much money for- moving to Japan for education-my dream. and my folks only need to give me a very nominal pocket money.
          • Robin Then why would you still work?
            It's not a scam per se, but I just thought it was pretty much the same as gambling. So you could get lucky for a while but you might just as well lose everything. What trading robots do you use?
        • Kentaro being part time programmer and
          B.O trader, it makes a lot of sense to me.
          so you make the mathematical stature of software and rest of the looks, coding and functionalities are done by others. GREAT! but damn again I AM JEALOUS!!!

          WELl mostly because my algebra is real weak.
          • Robin Well, my brother does the oposite actually. He makes the looks, coding and functionalities and he earns about the same. He didn't get a car or cellphone though (and has been working for 4 years, for me it's my first year of work). So being good in algebra isn't that important depending on what you want to do.

            Does BO trading actually earn you something? Because I've seen those ads online but I always thought it was a scam :p
        • Kentaro frickin high!!!!!
          and also what does your job mostly involve? like, what is the actual work?
          • Robin It's like mathematical programming of a sort. I make complex algorithms but most of the times I don't implement them myself. It's in a pseudo-language that can be easily implemented in most languages.
            Sometimes I just write the algorithm in actual code, but most of the times I don't. It's mostly for banks and sometimes scientific studies.
            • Robin So basically, I make the algorithm and the correct formulas that have to be used but not the whole application if that makes sense to you :p
        • Kentaro and what does 8 hour job fetch you? [curious only]
        • Kentaro that is quite less. most of my family works 10 + hours in their jobs. [ yes, many are in govt. jobs]
          • Robin Well, a 10+ hours jobs and studying is a bit too much for my taste :p
            This is hectic enough as it is (although I don't have to study right now)
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