So i made this picture up myself, i tried my best to make it accurate. if any mistake, please give a mention in comments.
simman, japanese fans are still waiting. i thoroughly understand the tight schedule you are into, but if you ever get the time , please consider this request.
if needed, i'm willing to translate it.
best regards, 
  • Keiryu I actualy like the idea i have been thinking about translating Simgirls myself mostly to the languages i speak perfectly like Portugues and German.

    So yeah nice idea.
    • Kentaro if simman continues to get such levels of fans support, that day is not away when simgirls will be available in almost all languages. if i get the chance, i will do my best to translate.
      and i know basics of german, but i'm not that good at portuguese and mandarin. katakana japanese is my favourite.
      ola, and [i am too sleepy at the moment] bon noite.
      • Keiryu Yeah...That porugues was horrible...

        Trust me if i ever do translate it i won't need any help for neither portugues nor german since anyone knowing the basics is really no help to me considering i speak/write it fluently/profesionaly. So i would have little trouble translating it all i really need is a bit of time and patience.

        Also just a question do you speak fluently japanese or are you using a translator because if you are using a translator the odds of you making a mistake are very high since japanese is one of the hardest languages out there even i only know basic words which all have various diffrent ways of being translated.
        • Kentaro nice advice, but i will translate and then submit it to simman, since he made the game, and knows actionscript and flash. i am more profeicient at c sharp and perl.
          • Keiryu That is even better not to mention it is easier to find mistakes if you have it on paper or in this case a text program.

            Like i said if you think you can do it then go for it.
        • Kentaro i have become fluent with japanese, i have been tutored from last 3 years. i have become fluent. besides i already know i am not good at portuguese.
          • Keiryu Hmm Kay then i say go for it if you can translate it. Why don't you start with something simple and do the older version and then go from there.
  • SimMan really?
    • Kentaro i've never been more serious in my life.
      i was serious that time too, so am i now too.
      i am ready to offer translations in .txt or .pdf files, or whatever way convenient. i have summer break, and a long one.