!!!NERDNATION!!! Want Uranium? How about buying it on Amazon? (amazon.com)
Amazon.com: Uranium Ore: Industrial & Scientific
Yes friends. Everyone has that wildcat in us. Go buy it - 2 cans, feed it to your cat, grow it to a horse. 
Then go to work on your cat instead of your car!
Simple as thhat. ^_^
  • SimMan Adding to the list pay to eat shit and penis. Good marketing can sell anything to anyone.
    • Kentaro That's not all. Much more far flung things have been sold. Think about the kickstarter campaign of USB pet rock! the Idea made the man millionaire. A pet that does not do ANYTHING!!
  • Keiryu Not the weirdest thing people have tried and even sold on the net...No seriously. People have sold pretty much everything on the net from Jar filled with Ghosts to an actual kidnapping...Yes there are peple who pay to be kidnapped.