Keep Being Motivated!
Sometimes, seeing images like these wipes out all my sleep. All of my ambitions start burning stronger in me. I can't wait to become billionaire and start real-life Shambala. Billionaire, eh? You may ask. Lofty, yes. Impossible, NO! Hundreds of thousands have become billionaires. I think the way to it is - 'Be of Service, Use to society. Becoming rich in the process is inevitable!'
I just want to make Shambala a reality. REALITY! Bank of Shambala too,not to forget.
(Though I'll be the Banker Sim :-p )
Just letting all fire out. I simply dislike India.. Its caste based reservation system is unfair. I want to create a country.. Create a country not as populous as India, maybe not as powerful as the United States, but a small yet happy and fair country!
  • Keiryu Well if people keep talking behind your back then you only got yourself to blame. Just turn your face to them and tell them to say it to your front. ^_^