I thought he will won that title..But the script was change cause of Seth Rollins....
  • Alex Rio UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!
  • EviL MF™ I'm so happy reigns didn't win
  • Grattiano Guys, let's just STFU and realize that we are all going to mark the fuck out when the Shield reunites.
    • Ed Obviously, the Shield was great, Reigns was great in it...On his own though, not so much.
  • Alex Rio Brock Lesnar is a real Conquered.I don't know if Brock Lesnar renew his contract with WWE or he join to UFC.
    • Antoniosan Lesnar did more damage to the credibility of the WWE belt than help it. His part-time status just messed up the rythem of title defense. What ever happened to the clause where the WWE belt must be defended once a month? In addition, Lesnar gets an unfare advantage over the full-time roster by have these long breaks in between appearances. Many respectable stars with great potential, whom travel and work at least four days a week, who put their health and careers on the line every week for a business they loved, are pushed aside by a part-timer who is only in it for the money. Lesnar is a great athlete, but his latest title reign messed up the importance of the WWE belt and spat on the faces of the full-time roster. I'm glad that his reign is over.
  • Antoniosan I'm just glad that that pat-timer Lesnar doesn't have it anymore.
  • Alex Rio Well,everyone know that's Reigns also can be the top face of WWE just like Cena and especially,The Rock..
  • Sarah Anderson [26175,Ed] the plan all along was for Rollins to cash in at WM, WWE knew they needed more time to build up Reigns and having Rollins cash in the way he did makes him look like a weak champion allowing Reigns to be an even more sympathetic baby face.
    • Ed You believe what you wanna believe. That must mean Edge, CM Punk and especially Daniel Bryan were even weaker when they cashed in.

      Reigns sucks, he was always the inferior one of the three. Rollins is his daddy.
      • Sarah Anderson It was initially planned for Reigns to win, that's why his entire Samoan family was there. There were reported afterwards that members of the family were ready to go after WWE for the change because they were brought to WM to see Reigns become champ.
  • Alex Rio Seth Rollins lucky cause both of them was tired.....
  • Ed The script was changed because Reigns is garbage, Rollins is superior
  • Antoniosan Um...last I checked, Seth Rollins has the belt.