DNA^2 Cards - Lulara Kawasaki (The Original Lovemore Girl)
Surprise Surprise !!! The Original Lovemore Girl is here !!!
Lulara is the one of the daughters of the Mega Playboy "Primero Lovemore".

She is blonde like Sana & cute as Karin.
Wont it be awesome if she would appear in SimGirls or Lovemore???!!!

  • TheFirstKen She's also a disaster card meaning she's one of the things you would have to fight against. That's what the big D in the upper left corner means.
    • Soham Banerjee Can you explain what the 5 symbols in each card suggests?
      • TheFirstKen Fireball is attack
        Shield is defence
        The 6 arrows is mobility
        The Kissy lips is charm
        The Star is energy

        Do defeat an opponent you can use abilities and items and fight them or you could charm them into submission. Energy would be for ability cards that would use energy. In the event there are 2 numbers on a stat, then that character could "transform" and the second set of stats would be used.