SimGirls Latest Poll Error - No option to view "Poll Results" & a weird message (fixed)
Whenever I am visiting to see the Results of the latest Poll,it is showing a message

 "This poll has received that maximum number of votes."
I want to see the Result of this Poll.What's the point of voting when I even can't see the Result !!!  Please fix it SimMan.

  • Soham Banerjee [65583,Keiryu] The final news :- The poll was removed.I guess it had a limitation of votes.
    • Keiryu I know that's what i was saying the whole time it reached the maximum amount of votes and then just stopped.

      Guess they never thought someone would vote so much haha.
  • Keiryu Is that really an error....It's as it says "This Poll has received the *Maximum* number of votes"...Even though for some reason it has "That" instead of "The"...

    That simply means it has been voted so much that no more votes can be given might be because the poll used only allows for a certain number of votes so only way to fix it would be restarting it i guess...

    Then again i might have misunderstood it.