SimGirls Fan Fiction - Detention by Owari
A Fan-Fiction by Owari

Note: This work of literature is what is known as a lemon, or a sex story.
And now, enjoy this lemon!  

"Be here at 7:30 pm..." 
Those were the words that Tomoko Saeki had read on her piece of paper that she had received from the teacher in class earlier today. Tomoko had wondered what was going on. And why so late a meeting? 
"Guess there's only one way to find out..." Tomoko thinks to herself as she opens up Akira-sensei's door. 
"Teacher?" Tomoko asks as she steps inside the classroom and looks around. 
Just then, the door is automatically closed and locked. 
"Who’s there?” Tomoko asks with a slight bit of fear in her voice, “And what do you want from me?”
“You are a bad girl…Saeki Tomoko…” A female voice seductively speaks. 
“I don’t find this joke funny…” Tomoko says slightly irritated.
“This is no joke…” the voice answers as Akira, Tomoko’s teacher, makes her presence known.
Tomoko blushes slightly as she notices that her teacher is only dressed in her bra, panties, and stockings.  Her glasses are also absent.
"Akira-sensei?" Tomoko asks in confusion  “What’s the meaning of this?” 
”You have been a bad girl…” Akira reiterates.  “So I’m giving you detention.”
“Detention?” Tomoko questions as Akira approaches Tomoko.
“That’s exactly what I mean…” Akira answers as she plants a trail of kisses on Tomoko’s neck.
Akira then lifts Tomoko’s head up and kisses her lips.  As their tongues dance with one another, Akira takes this time to unbutton Tomoko’s shirt.
“Your breasts are supple for a girl of your age…” Akira mentions seductively as she breaks the kiss.  “I must examine them…”
Tomoko elicits a cry of pleasure as Akira lifts up Tomoko’s bra and starts to suck on her right breast. 
“mmm…” Tomoko moans just before her body falls to the floor from the pleasure being emitted throughout her body.
“Already wet?” Akira says as she stops her ministrations on Tomoko’s breast and places a finger on her panties.  “You are bad….I think it’s time for your lesson now…”
Akira releases her hold on Tomoko and goes to her desk.  Tomoko meanwhile, is taking short breathes from all that has transpired so far.  But Tomoko’s break is not long, for Akira quickly returns with a dildo.
"Please no…don’t do that…” Tomoko pleas as Akira lifts Tomoko’s ass off the ground and removes her panties, “Please…”
“Don’t act like an innocent little girl, Tomoko…” Akira responds as she straddles herself on top, “You know you like it this way…”
“NO!! Stop it!” Tomoko cries out as Akira harshly thrusts the dildo inside Tomoko’s wetness,  “You are hurting me…”
“I’ve heard all the stories about you…”Akira says with a slight bit of contempt in her voice, “Wearing those sexy outfits, making guys horny, and then dancing away from their attentions.  You manipulate the male population just to get whatever you want.  You break their hearts, and don’t even have an ounce of remorse inside you.  It’s time for you to be punished…you little slut…”
Akira thrusts the dildo inside of Tomoko faster and harder.
“Teacher…” Tomoko struggles to say with a blush on her face, “…please…stop…”
“You haven’t learned your lesson yet…” 
“Please…if you don’t stop now…I’m gonna…Itai!!!”
Tomoko screams as she releases her womanly fluids all around.  Akira smirks as she removes the dildo from Tomoko’s pussy.
“My…my…look at the mess you’ve made…” Akira says sensually as she starts to unstrap her bra.  “Now I’m really going to have to punish you…”
Meanwhile, in the manager’s office in the Mystic Shop, we find the legendary one known as Sim Man, hard at work on a project that will change the world as we know it.  His contribution upon society will make an impact that none of us will be prepared for…
“Dammit!  These breasts are not big enough!  I’ll have to draw them again!”
“What is it, Sana?” Sim Man asks as he picks up the phone.
“I’ve got terrible news, master.  I’ve just heard that an organization called Shiaomedia has copied your idea with their own game called Ganguro Girl!”
“They say imitation is a form of flattery…Sim Man says.  “So what’s the problem?”
“They are charging people money for their game, master!” Sana answers.  “And they didn’t leave you with a penny!”
“They did what?!!” Sim Man growls as his eyes start glowing red.  “Those bastards!!!  I’ll make them pay!!!!  ##$#@@@!#$@$Y&%#$@~!!!!!!”
And now back to our yuri in progress…
“No!” Tomoko protests yet again as this time, Akira has tied her arms together with a roll of tape.
“No?”  Akira mockingly asks.  “Remember, you brought this on yourself.  Now stop whining and take your punishment like a woman!”
After tying Tomoko’s arms together, Akira places her hands on Tomoko’s ass and starts to lick it.
“No…” Tomoko moans softly as Akira pleasures her.  “Please…”
“Your mouth may say no…” Akira says huskily, “But your body says yes.  I’m going to have to listen to this beautiful body of yours…”
Akira stands up and goes back to her desk.
“Let’s see now…” Akira says as she goes through her things, “I’ve used a dildo on you, I’ve stripped you, and I’ve tied your arms together with tape…what else can I do to punish you?”
Akira finds her answer when her eyes see a paddle.
“This will do nicely…” Akira thinks to herself as she grabs the coveted item and closes her desk drawer.  Akira then approaches the naked Tomoko.
“Since you’ve been so bad…” Akira says as she rubs Tomoko’s ass with her left hand, “I’ve had no choice but to punish you.  Part of punishment is a spanking.  Get ready!”
Akira raises her paddle and smacks Tomoko on her ass, earning her a cry from the young and voluptuous teenager.
“You know you like this…you little slut…” Akira whispers as she smacks Tomoko’s ass with the paddle again.
Akira spanks Tomoko five more times before tossing the paddle to the side and pulling out a strap on.
“For my final act…” Akira says as she puts on the strap on, “I’m going to give you a good old fashioned ass fuck…”
“Please…” Tomoko begs with a blush on her cheeks.  “That will hurt even more then what you did before…”
“I know…” Akira smirks as she inserts her strap on into Tomoko’s asshole and then starts to thrust.
“Itai!!” Tomoko yells as Akira continues to thrust wildly like a madwoman.
“This is so great!!!”  Akira yells with satisfaction.  “Come for me, Tomoko…one more time…”
Akira’s request is answered as Tomoko’s juices drip.  After this last orgasm, Akira removes herself out of Tomoko and unfastens the strap on.
“This shall be our little secret…” Akira says as she unties the tape around Tomoko’s arms.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way…” Tomoko says with a smirk.
“You really are a bad girl…” 
“I know…” Tomoko says as she wraps her arms around Akira’s head.  “And you know that you love me for it…”
Tomoko then pulls Akira into a kiss.
However…unbeknownst to the two ladies was a hidden camera in the room taping every sweet moment of this glorious and magnificent work of art…
It’s good to be a pervert…