SimGirls Fan Version Feature #2 - An Autosave Notepad in PDA !!!
The second extra feature in fan version was the addition of a Notepad in the PDA which is Autosave.
  • Keiryu that is actualy a quite usefull function only thing i would like to see with this is more save games so as to not overwrite the save data i just else will i be a criminal if i canĀ“t save load myself out of debt. ^_^
  • SimMan that's a nice feature I wish they can help me with the saving problem that is haunting the game for so long.
    • Soham Banerjee About the first part,yes notepad feature is nice but then it useful only for new players.For experienced players,its a Waste since there is nothing which I need to Note down.

      For the second part : Unfortunately,they used the same code for Save feature which Bofh of Oz gave to you.