SimGirls Fan Version (abandoned) - The Work-in-Progress MAP
Here's the WIP (Work-in-progress) MAP of SimGirls Fan Version.SimGirls Project Team wanted to expand the Current map of SimGirls,which more locations having different features.

As you can see,each location has Descriptive Text,which makes easier for players to understand about its features.

In addition to that,the Location Icons are also updated,making them more realistic looking.
The MAP Locations are as follows:-
1) Home
2) Ami's House
3) Kotomi's House
4) Tomoko's House
5) School
6) Employment Centre
7) Mall
8) Pub
9) Gym
10) Mystic Shop
11) Pool
12) Golden City 
13) Simgirls Forum

The Pub & Gym has been divided into two different locations.
Gym is for Fighting & Strength Training,whereas Pub is only for Flirting & gaining Charm. 

Pool & Golden City are also added as individual locations,so that they can be visited.Last,but not the list,the link to Simgirls Forum is also included so easy access to forums.