Evil Engineer Banerjee - Animated Avatar
Me Ken(DON'T USE MY NAME)taro had always wondered what our professor may look like in haloween!
haha just kidding.
So here we have Dr.Banerjee Evil Animated avatar, [and yes i know it is a bit shoped]
His hair are better, he looks smarter too.

  • Soham Banerjee I think there is a thing line between being funny & annoying. We have tried our Best to make you understand that,but it seems that you can go to any extent to earn more points & attention, even if its insulting to you.
    Referring to your comment "Copycats don't annoy others". Just to remind you,this is Not the right place to do all these things. I am sure you wont be happy if a drastic action is taken against you.
    Always remember 1 thing :- What you call funny remains funny only if the other person is having fun with it as well. If they don't you should respect them & Stop.
    If you wont, be ready to face the consequences.And trust me, they wont be Funny

    P.S.Please don't reply on this comment. Reply with your actions.
  • Keiryu I told you don't next time i will delete the post you use my name as yours.
    • Kentaro but...but .... the differences? ryu / taro?
      • Keiryu No diffrence you admitted to using it to piss me off...Well YOU DID now open you asshole and receive the consequences.

        The fun stops the moment you take my name.
        • Kentaro LIKE I SAID before i fucked every other person I met... so nothing new really.... nothing new from MASTER OF INSANITY?
          Since managing to piss you off (seriously, what I see is anger while sitting on my couch and gulping down good beer) is a big feat in itself very few (actually none) have accomplished, i am thinking of a title now. no seriously it really feels like turning the blackspearian earth upside down , like completing GTA V so....
          • Keiryu Think about a title i don't care i am gonna fuck with your very existence from now on.

            You brought this upon yourself. Now don't complain with what happens.

            Yes i am angry i told you not to pull shit like that if you did not want to piss people off instead you decided to ignore my advice and steal my name.

            So yeah mister nice Kei is dead for you and the motherfucking MASTER OF GODDAMN INSANITY will be after your ass from now on.

            Like i said congrats enjoy it because that was the last chance i gave you to piss me off. Now the gloves are off simple as that.
        • Kentaro there still remain differences.... like it or not!
          • Keiryu No the diffrence would have been if you did not change it solely for the reason being to piss me off.

            Now that you pissed me off you need to deal with the consequences the joke is fucking over and Keiryu is fucking done congrats you got what you wanted you pissed me off and managed something very very few people have been able to do.

            Now Keiryu is gonna fuck with you. Have fun.
  • Robin For some reason this one really cracks me up. I think it's the facial expression that's just hilarious :p
  • Soham Banerjee No improvement. I don't look like this.Neither am I bald.I look like this only :- http://www.freedomwall.info/post/1908246/lovemore-first-draft-soham
    • Robin Bald? He doesn't look bald to me :p
    • Kentaro Bald? come on!
      sorry to say but this is the best the avater maker offers. and of course, animated avatars are never completely resembling you.
      all i can say is i tried my best. but i will continue to make things better.
      now i am up on keiryu-soham chibi!
      keiryu chibhi is uploaded. check it out!