Black-Spears-Oh...Soham Banerjee

Robin:"SHUT UP!!!" *Slaps Keiryu over the head making him fall down on the floor*

KEIRYU:*Holds his head in pain while rolling around the ground* "ok ok shesh no need to be rude and why did you hit me?"

Robin:*Stares anoyed at Keiryu* "Just shut up and get one with the important stuff you know what people are here for."

KEIRYU: "man can´t even have fun anymore even my own Imaginary Robin want´s me to shut up." *walks to a corner and starts to Cry*

Robin:*Walks  up to Keiryu and hits him again* "Stop crying you idiot and start working you still have thousands more to make."

KEIRYU: *Stands up like nothing happend* "S**T you are right i still need to make so many thanks Robin."

OK PEOPLE KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY IS BACK and this time i have brought with me a little story and probably the greatest SimGirls fan EVER!!!!!

yep you all know who i am talking about(Mostly because it is in the Title) the one the only Soham Banerjee ^_^

i feel like it would be bad if i gave Robin a Card and would leave out the Mod who actualy loves this game so much that he would DIE FOR IT......ok maybe not die but at least he is a hardcore fan who posts awesome SimGirls stuff Almost as awesome as SimMan´s stuff....wait that sounds wrong SimMan made this all so he can not post better stuff then SimMan *DUN DUN DUNNNNN* O.O

anyway moving on i don+t have much morem to say about this except that i had a Realy hard time making this card mostly because i at first had it so over powerd that no other card could compare to it so i went back and forth until i (think) Finaly found a perfect Balance between strong and not over powerd so i hope you like it ^_^

well this is all for now except like always Like and Follow me for more and of course COMMENT....Please Please Please* makes Puppy Dog Eyes* ^_^