Keiryu Shares a Thing: Anime's Got Talent - Japan Expo 2015 (
Hello and welcome. To the Twillightzone....No wait that is wrong...i mean Welcome to This post made by this guy who is not that other guy but the one guy who you which guy he is....Exactly that guy. 

Anyway today in celebration of "Summer Anime Season 2015". I bring with me a little AMV (Anime Music Video) and honestly this might very well be the greatest AMV i have seen all year long. 

Anyway the AMV in question is a parody on the popular show America's Got Talent. Or you know whatever country you happen to watch it in, since there are a lot of versions around...But yeah it is a parody on that "Got Talent" show. Only with Anime characters.

The editing in this was made by Jazzsvids, AmvLuna and ReplayStudios for the Japan Expo 2015 AMV Contest and to be honest i am kind of sad it only got 4th place overall. Since it is really well made. 

Anyway that is all and like always i recommend you check out their stuff in the links below.

That is all until next time, enjoy Anime Summer Season 2015

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently enjoying Anime Summer.)
  • Blackjack 2:19 Kaito Kid disqualified??? *Scream like a little girl* NO :))

    But wait, I wonder what our Tomoko Saeki will do if she take part in this contest?
    Or maybe Anime's Next Top Model is more suitable for her?
    • Keiryu Well if you notice the text where it says he got disqualified you notice it is because he simply decided to not return after vanishing.

      Still the ending just cracks me up everytime i see it.

      As for Tomoko unless you count squirting as a talent i would leave her to model. ^_^
  • Chriskris The person who maked this is Awesome!