Keiryu Shares A Thing: Ken Ashcorp - Crazy Chicks (
HOW ARE YOU FREEDOMEWALLERS!? Meh who cares how you are...I do...^_^

BUTT! Anyway moving one. today i am sharing a little music for all of you to enjoy. I have to admit i like this song a lot. Pretty sure you will too....Then again WHO CARE ABOUT YOU!!! You are here for me not for you...Right? 

I also recommend you check out Ken Ashcorps other tracks. He is fairly talented and has some pretty nice tunes. So enjoy otherwise i will stab you in the dark...Then again i probably still stab you even if you enjoy it...Oh well that's all.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently enjoying some nice music.)

  • Keiryu Oh yeah. Before i forget. This might very well be the music that describes my perfect woman. Only thing missing is the long hair. ^_^