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  • Keiryu Shares A Thing: Ken Ashcorp - Crazy Chicks
    HOW ARE YOU FREEDOMEWALLERS!? Meh who cares how you are...I do...^_^

    BUTT! Anyway moving one. today i am sharing a little music for all of you to enjoy. I have to admit i like this song a lot. Pretty sure you will too....Then again WHO CARE ABOUT YOU!!! You are here for me not for you...Right? 

    I also recommend you check out Ken Ashcorps other tracks. He is fairly talented and has some pretty nice tunes. So enjoy otherwise i will stab you in the dark...Then again i probably still stab you even if you enjoy it...Oh well that's all.

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently enjoying some nice music.)

    • Keiryu Oh yeah. Before i forget. This might very well be the music that describes my perfect woman. Only thing missing is the long hair. ^_^
  • Keiryu Shares a Thing: Αnime Avengers ASMV
    GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING BLACKSPEARS-NAM!!!.....No wait it's Freedomwall now....SHIT!!!

    Oh well. No use fapping over bad porn...No wait that's not what i meant either...Ahh F**k it. 


    Now i am gonna go straight to the point. I noticed a certain lack of activity recently and i am not happy with it...I enjoy it when the community is active, makes the place more fun for everyone. Mostly for me, it's a sign people i can stab are around here somewhere. 

    Still i am getting sidetracked. Since there has been so little activity, i decided to share something i found a while back with you all. 

    So without further ado, enjoy. ANIME AVENGERS!!!

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently seeing if he has to pick up the pace again so you all get more active.
    • Keiryu Just gonna say one thing. This would be one of the greatest Anime Crossovers ever. I pay to watch it.
  • Keiryu Shares a Thing: Anime's Got Talent - Japan Expo 2015
    Hello and welcome. To the Twillightzone....No wait that is wrong...i mean Welcome to This post made by this guy who is not that other guy but the one guy who you which guy he is....Exactly that guy. 

    Anyway today in celebration of "Summer Anime Season 2015". I bring with me a little AMV (Anime Music Video) and honestly this might very well be the greatest AMV i have seen all year long. 

    Anyway the AMV in question is a parody on the popular show America's Got Talent. Or you know whatever country you happen to watch it in, since there are a lot of versions around...But yeah it is a parody on that "Got Talent" show. Only with Anime characters.

    The editing in this was made by Jazzsvids, AmvLuna and ReplayStudios for the Japan Expo 2015 AMV Contest and to be honest i am kind of sad it only got 4th place overall. Since it is really well made. 

    Anyway that is all and like always i recommend you check out their stuff in the links below.

    That is all until next time, enjoy Anime Summer Season 2015

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently enjoying Anime Summer.)
  • Keiryu Shares A Thing: Be My Friend by One-Eyed Doll
    So how is it going Blackspears? Good? Bad? Bacon? Either way who cares.

    Keiryu here and i know it has been a while since i last posted something. BUTT! To be fair. I am lazy...No further excuse needed moving on.

    Today i have a little Music video by the Goth Punk band One-Eyed Doll.

    While yes it might seem random, i only recently came across this band and honestly...I...I think i'm in love...Well either that or i am simply bored...Either way they have good songs that's all i need. 

    Plus i noticed a certain lack of me spreading INSANITY all over your faces. So i thought to myself. "I should share one little song of this band with you."
    While slowly seeing you lose your hold on that useless thing you call "Mind"...Anyway enjoy. ^_^

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently wondering if this feelings he is feeling are love or simply caused by some bad breakfast burrito...)
    • Kentaro that gal looks sooo INSANELY cute. i want to get hold of her right now.
    • simgirllover this is my fav band!!!!!!!!!!!! i have every song
    • Keiryu Oh yeah before i forget i really recommend you check their stuff out. The singer Kimberly Freeman has an amazing voice. Not to mention their lyrics manage to combine cute and cuddly with pure mindblown INSANITY all in one.

      Keiryu Loves...Keiryu Shares. ^_^
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