SimGirls 6.6 Bug #5 : Text Error in Tomoko"s DVD Cover (fixed)
I previously posted about this Text Error in 2 pics during 5.7. 
But since it was not fixed,this time I want to make it with more prominence.
I am also posting the Correct version of the pic,so that SimMan understands the exact bug & uses it as reference.
As you can see,there are 2 errors in this Pic.
Firstly,the words Tomoko Saeki DVD are overlapping each other."Tomoko Saeki" goes out of the picture.Secondly,the "Chinese Text" at the top-right corner & bottom left corner appears as weird Symbols!!!
This Bug originated first in SimGirls 5.15 in which an extra "i" appeared in many scenes.Since then,the Text bug has been there on 2 pics.I hope it gets corrected in 6.6.