Simgirls Lovemore Error - Tomoru fights Nighthawk & defeats her
Yes, this happened in my current gameplay. Tomoru fought Nighthawk & defeated her!!!
  • HueHueBear At this point I am too afraid to ask if the Tomoru we used is actually a doppelganger.

    I wonder if Tomoru's leave should actually be applied (Tomoru not appearing on any enconuter), because of this. Ugh game balance and story immersion. What to do?
    • Soham Banerjee Tomoru doesn't appearing makes sense as you can only interact & locate people who are at Shambala. She runs out of Shambala, so you can't locate her.
      Honestly, this leave wont affect your gameplay. You can always do other stuff in those few days.
      • HueHueBear Well that statement makes sense.
        It does kind of affect a little bit though (speed towards Tomoru`s progression).

        Meh, I am just a bit conflicted because of difficulty & balance debates lol.