Personal Film Favorites: Magnum Force (
The official trailer for Magnum Force.

Also known as Dirty Harry 2, Magnum Force brought a very solid and successful sequel to the classic film, Dirty Harry. Released December 25'th 1973 the film would go on to gross almost $40 million.

Instead of focusing on the American Justice system, this film focuses on a vigilante system. Would it work? Would it go too far? You'll have to find out yourself in this action packed sequel.

Besides showcasing once again the S&W 29, this film also showcased the now long out of production Colt Python .357 Mag. The Python is a collectors wet dream, uber rare and to call them expensive is an understatement, these things could run you $5,000+ if they are mint condition.

Magnum Force also spawned an Arcade Cabinet with the same name, though I don't think it had anything to do with the film, I only played it once.

Magnum Force is a powerful sequel with intense scenes and blunt racism. (It's the 70's, shut the fuck up you little bitch) Gather around and watch one hell of sequel, just remember. A man's got to know his limitations.

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5
Director: Ted Post
Harry Callahan: Clint Eastwood
Lieutenant Briggs: Hal Holbrook
Music: Trailer Exclusive