Personal Film Favorites: Death Wish (
The official trailer for Death Wish.

Death Wish was released January 1'st 1974 and received moderate praise upon release but has since become a timeless classic. The film spawned 4 sequels (which are icons of trash-tv) and an upcoming remake staring Bruce Willis with release for 2018.

Picture it. New York City, the 1970's. A city where you do not walk alone at night. A city where self defense is border line illegal. A city that was considered the most dangerous in the world (not the U.S., WORLD) This is the story of a bleeding heart liberal who has a quick change of opinion after coming home and his entire life is destroyed.

The film stars the iconic Charles Bronson and is a big fuck you to anti-gun politicians everywhere. One of the most important and politically motivated films ever released, Death Wish takes you on a satisfying ride of true justice. The film is held in high standards by people both in politics and those in the action film genre.

So steel yourself... draw, and dive into the dark and homicidal world of N.Y.C. and the state it was in in the 1970's.

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5
Director: Michael Winner
Paul Kersey: Charles Bronson
Detective Frank Ochoa: Vincent Gardenia
Music: Trailer Exclusive