• Personal T.V. Favorites: Æon Flux
    The official trailer for Æon Flux.

    Æon Flux was an animated show that aired on MTV in 1991, 1992 and 1995. It consisted of 3 seasons, 16 episodes total. The first season consisted of 1 episode. Season 2, 5 episodes and 10 for season 3. Æon Flux was groundbreaking for its art and animation as well as how strange it is. A film was made in 2005 with the same name and was not only a box office flop, it was panned by both critics and viewers alike receiving overwhelming negative reviews. Æon Flux's creator, Peter Chung, was appalled by the film.

    Æon Flux is strange to say the least. Its art and setting are very weird and the lack of main story is what gives it its charm. The show is very unique and there is almost no way to describe it other than to just watch it. Æon's voice (Denise Poirier) is very seductive and unforgettable, once you hear her, she's with you for life. Denise also did voice work for one of my favorite villains from another animated show, Merrick from season two of Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Trevor Choodchild's actor, John Rafter Lee, is also an unforgettable voice of my childhood. He played Jason Wynn from
    Todd McFarlane's Spawn. This is where I first heard them way back in 1998 and their voices have been with me for 18 years, and will stay with me.

    I have just recently heard of Æon Flux. I knew of the movie, but never saw it. Once I started I couldn't stop. It takes you back to the early 1990's and it keeps you there, leaving you longing for what animation used to be. What MTV used to be. It will hold you in this time period, and once you're back in the 1990s, you will not want to leave.

    Since the show ended a lot of the actors have gone silent, working only a few more animations, games or films and then have stopped. It is a shame as the main character's voices are wonderful, dark, seductive and they stay with you for life. The show is something that one must see before they die, it is truly unique. If you love the strange and weird, Æon Flux is for you.

    Personal Rating: 4.5 out of 5
    Æon Flux: Denise Poirier
    Trevor Goodchild: John Rafter Lee
    Creator: Peter Chung

  • Personal T.V. Favorites: Spawn
    The official trailer for Spawn 2.

    Spawn was an animated series created by Todd McFarlane that aired on HBO from 1997-1999 which was adapted from his own comic books titled Spawn which debuted in 1992. It consisted of 30 minute episodes with 18 episodes total, 6 episodes per season. The series received overwhelming praise and awards for it's art, story and voice acting. It won an Emmy in 1999 Outstanding Animation Program (longer than one hour). The series was edited into movie format and released as three movies. They came in 2 editions. The "Uncut Collectors Edition" which was what was shown on HBO and held the TV-MA rating. The second edition being "Special Edited Edition" which was heavily edited to hold a PG-13 rating. In 2007 HBO released a 4 disc 10 Year Anniversary Edition to DVD which holds the unedited TV-MA rating, the 4'th disc being special features. A film "Spawn" (written by Todd) was released in 1997 as well and received mixed-negative reviews.

    Spawn went on to be in several comics and video games. A separate show "Spawn: The Animation" was started by Todd in 2007 but put on indefinite hold due to legal trouble. Since then almost all of the legal matters have been resoled and the first episode is supposed to air April 10'th 2016.

    I'd like to take you back to 1998 where a 7 year old me is browsing the video section with my father in a store named Media Play (a now extinct chain, like Blockbuster) for a scary movie. On the shelf a holographic VHS cover catches my eye. Two glowing eyes with a cape, when the light hit it the cape became more red and a clown face appeared. I grab it, and turn it over to the back where a figure in a cape stands on the right hand side. I flipped it back to the front to get the name. "Spawn 2."

    Taking the movie to my father, paying for it and then leaving. Getting back to his condo, I placed the movie into the VHS looking at how the eyes glowed in the hologram, coolest damn thing I ever saw. The 3 hours that followed led me down a road of violence, blood, sex, cussing and religion. I sat on the couch as the credits rolled reflecting on what I had just witnessed. The best damn thing ever.

    I then searched for the first movie and was able to find it for rent at a Blockbuster in 2000, I wouldn't find the third until 2005. I then purchased the 10 Year Anniversary edition in 2009 where it still sits proudly on my shelf. In between those years I hunted for the comics and now own only 40 of them. The time between these searches I was focused on learning about this Christianity that it was based upon and then becoming one in 1999 at the tender age of 9.

    Flash forward to today. Even though it has been 18 years since I first found Spawn, it is as exciting to watch as the first time. I owe a lot to the series. My love for fictitious violence. My love for fictitious blood. My love for darkness... and my Christianity. Since 2 was the first I saw this is why I posted the Spawn 2 trailer. So now, I'd like to invite those of you that (for some reason) have still not seen it to do so.

    Personal Rating: 5 out of 5
    Spawn/Al Simmons: Keith David
    Creator: Todd McFarlane