SKYRIM UPDATE: Female Character
ok i have downloaded so many hairstyles to skyrim and with the next thats done i will have close to 1000 xD hairstyles total between male and female characters.
now on to the real part the reason im asking all of you.
i plan after this character is created to recording and posting here the male character i posted here none of you even looked at but i plan on doing a complete magic only fighting with that character. while this female character ill let you all vote on how I should fight with her and all that already have exactly 108 mods on right now (yes I counted them xD ) so I want your opinion on here and how I should make here face wise :D

so a lot of input from everyone here would be cool
  • Keiryu Sadly i am with the bear on this one. The dark background does not help either. However i am smelling long hair which is already good for me.

    As to how she should fight. Personaly. I would give her a knife and just make her stab everything in her way...Then again that is my answer to pretty much every problem...

    Unless you happen to have a mod that allows you to make her control NPC's and make them fight for her. Which would be in a sense mindf**king them. Sadly i have not heard of such a mod so far. Then again i have not been active on the Skyrim modding community for a long time.
    • Ian Mayer its long hair in a pony tail and I have no helmet mod on so I can have the stats but enjoy the fact of no helmet on her :D and just got home and will open racemenu when I get on and post a better pic for you and I was thinking stealth with a knife because I like the animations xD and looking more mods that change the animation for stealth kills :D will probably look for more hairstyles and see which one I like better and I'm with you on long hair just need to find one that goes well with her face you know :D
  • HueHueBear I can't even see, picture too small rofl.
    • Ian Mayer don't know why it does that ill try again later today after I get off work I'm messing with settings so it takes the game pics in better quality you know