SKYRIM Companion #1
this is your first companion depending on how you play and i have mods in place to change several of them in game and other NPCs ill post a pic of each one that is changed I'm playing an old male character right now and will keep you all posted
  • Keiryu Old male character with a long fluffy beard using magic....Harry where art thou?
    • Ian Mayer I was also had the idea of an up and coming mage which is where I got my male character's look from after spending hours working on him :D don't get me started how many times I've messed with my female with how much time I spent messing with the nose to make it smooth and not bumpy getting every thing to the right size and all that takes awhile -.-

      all have a mod on that changes how the games starts that isn't in the opening of the original version :D so I'm deciding on which one I should choose for her :/
      • Keiryu That's really depending on how you want the story to progress. Skyrim is first and foremost a adventure story where "You" become the character. You just need to know if you the typical heroic dragonshouting Dovahkiin.

        Or maybe want a character who hates being the Dragonborn and much rather prefers sacrificing people to that headless glitched out body of that unnamed shmuck you killed five seconds into your journey.

        Or you might also prefer having a ruthless Dovahkiin who only follows the money and both forms and breaks alliances at a whim simply because it could fill his pouch with more loot.

        It's all really up to you and depending on how you want it you can simply ignore certain quests or even ignore whole towns alltogether simply because they do not fit with your character.

        If you have a mod that let's you start the game as a unnarmed dragonborn being surrounded by bandits. Then by all means do it. As long as it is something you want you character to do.
    • Ian Mayer there are several male characters that have been changed as well
      • Keiryu I said this before but i have not been keeping up with the Skyrim modding community.

        BuuuuTT!!! Then again all you really need is some wizardry dude wearing crappy glasses with a bolt like scar on his forehead. Can't be that hard.