Fidel Castro Finally Dies (Rest In Piss)
Yesterday, November 25'th 2016, one of the world's most evil dictators finally passed at the age of 90, Fidel Castro. For almost sixty years, Castro's rule in Cuba brought the country to its knees and to this day the effects are still felt.

The streets of Miami, Florida were lit with celebration from Cuban-American immigrants (many of whom fled upon Castro's power) upon hearing the death of Castro.

Rot in Hell you Communist piece of shit.

  • Keiryu You have to give this guy at least some respect. He made it to f**king 90 years before biting the dust. Most people barely hit 40.
  • kotomifan Castro is dead. Now Americans can legally smoke Cubans, and Cubans can drive cars made after Buddy Holly died.
    • Fear57 Americans have always legally been able to smoke Cubans. When the embargo took effect, nothing was allowed to enter the U.S. from Cuba and cigars were the most sought (even JFK had a humidor of 100 Cubans on his desk after the embargo.) Cubans that were made before the embargo are still for sale (though highly expensive.) Cigar makers that fled Cuba brought everything they needed to continue making Cubans under a different name. Some names today are really Cubans but they say they are made in Nicaragua or Honduras.

      Over the years, Cubans have declined in quality and are nothing compared to what they were. In fact today there are cigars that are just as good and some even better than Cubans that are a fraction of the price. Some companies have tried to mimic the authentic Cuban experience and while many have failed, some have created a smoke that is just as good if not better. Check out the Post Embargo from Alec Bradley, a cigar made in mind the trade will be lifted (and it has been, but only $100 of items are allowed and you can not visit Cuba as a tourist.)