For the last time, when is this site getting a video platform
So YouTube (Run by a Jew) teamed up with the ADL (ran by Jews) to literally censor videos that are not P.C. and deemed 'offensive' (In short, protecting feelings of Lefties) The ADL applauded Google and YouTube for doing this (go figure) Same thing on FaceBook (also run by a Jew)

  • SimMan Actually I am looking at a possible solution right now. Maybe we can really have our own video sharing platform.
  • SimMan Running a video platform is like many million dollar business. I guess we can try uploading to other video sites like Dailymotion, Vube and post here... but I don't think anything is bulletproof at this point as you know pretty much the entire system is controlled.
    • SimMan It's obvious Alex Jones and Donald Trump are also Jewish with Jews in their families. I "hope" they are truly good-hearted people and will stand for Justice, otherwise... not good.