Naruto Uzumaki & Monkey D. Luffy
  • Keiryu It´s Monkey D. Luffy not Luffy D. Monkey gimme a moment.
    • Chriskris Depends on how u see it.
      Luffy is he's first name.

      Saying it in the EU/NA way we call ppl with the first name first and the surname as last.
      The way we call ppl's name in asain(s) way we call them with surname first and firstname as last.

      Also, I was busy with LoL so I didn't payed attention I just copy pasted and started my match. :P

      So my bad there.

      But I don't rly see how it's wrong.

      Otherwise Naruto Uzumaki is wrong too.
      Then you should edit it to Uzumaki Naruto too.
      • Keiryu Well diffrent from Naruto world characters where they have a first and last name based on japanese naming standards the one piece characters don´t really have that since most of them are named after real life Pirates or people related to pirates and none that are japanese as far as i know.

        so no you can not change the name of one piece character as you do with Naruto characters.