I finished the story line of the game.
I didn't played it on Xbox or PS4.

Games like GTA I prefer it more on PC then any other platforms. Anyway not gonna discus it. Cuz everyone have there own way of seeing it.

Anyway, after finishing the game I do like how they maked it how you can switch from person A to person B. So you can play different characters. I also like how to make missions where you can use all 3 characters.

And ofcourse the details also improved if you compare it with GTA IV.

And the idea to put pets into the game is epic! (However it's fking annoying you have to download there fking app to train your fking stupid DOG!)

Also I think the story line is a little to short. It took me... Hmm let's say a week to finish GTA IV. It took me a 2 weeks or more to finish GTA SA. It took me 1.5 weeks to finish GTA VC. And for GTA III it was like 2 weeks.

Even after finishing it I loved playing GTA III everyday, same happened to VC/SA/IV. I don't have the same feeling for V. Dunno why after finishing all those missioins I just don't have a feeling like NOW I CAN KILL PEOPLE GET STARS FIGHT COPS etc. 

Anyway Rockstar said they going to make a DLC. And in there DLC SP will goes further.
So for now i'll just wait. i did enjoyed the game but I expected more from it...

PS: I also don't compare with game is better then the other, because everyone have there own favorite GTA game.