Finished Akiba's Trip!!!
Have to say it's a funny good game.
Everyone should give it a try (If you are a Otaku). :P

But I have to replay it if I want to get 100%... 
Gonna take a break from this game.
Mabye later this year imma try to make it 100%. 
  • Keiryu I have actually started it but have yet to come around to play it for any extensive time. Might get back to it sometime soon.
    • Chriskris It's funny.
      But I have to complete it with 100% and then it get's boring.

      So i'll take a little break and go for the 100% soon.
      • Keiryu Yeah the full completion is always annoying in any game.

        I am having the same problem with God Eater Burst story finished but i still want all weapons and so on whih takes forever...
        • Chriskris I have to make a combo of 12 striping clothes for 1 achievement.

          I can't go higher then 11.... (How fked up is that...)

          I always attack everyone around me till all clothes are purple but my patner rips it of.
          Or I attacked the NPC to much and the clothes get destroyed....

          But yea still worth playing it and the story is oke.
          Played better story games.
          But walking around Akibara & ripping clothes is just to awesome. XD
          • Keiryu Like i said same situation with God Eater.

            Story is not the greatest but it is still very fun to play.

            And if you want to talk challenge try to kill the same high lever boss class monster over and over and over and over again just so you finally get enough materials to upgrade your gear... -_-