This is my new Main Car for GTA V Online. :P
No more T20 or Oasis.
This is the BOMB!
  • Keiryu Haha Princess Robot Bubblegum was actually one of the few reason i spend time sitting in front of the TV in GTA IV. Kind of sad they stopped making more for GTA V. The only other thing i ever bothered using the TV for was to watch Weazel News since i liked seeing what was reported after every mission.
    • Chriskris Never really cared about my tv.
      But this Car is just the bomb.

      Normally I drive like a crazy bitch and hit every other car i see.
      Now I drive like a old bitch very slow and carefull. XD
      • Keiryu I remember doing the same. Even way back in GTA San Andreas when you start tuning your car. Usually i just keept on driving like i usually do but after i have my car tuned i have to stop before hitting the wall. Well either that or cheat...