Miss Factual 01 (cdn.myanimelist.net)
I decided to make a mini series. Showcasing D.N.A girlsand giving information . Inspired by Ami being a journalist and hard on her studies. I decided to be some type of Factoid Poster for you guys. (Love you Ami <3)

Here's some facts I researched and collected on . Something that may interest you. 

Tomoko Saeki 
- Her first name in Japanese means 
"Knowing Child / Wise Child" 
- Her last name in Japanese means 

Japanese: written with characters denoting an assistant to an official such as a guard. The original pronunciation was Saheki or Sahegi. The word also denotes noisiness, and the Saeki were known for their loud ferocity in battle. They descended from the very ancient and warlike Ōtomo clan, which claimed descent from the hero Michi no Omi, a companion of the mythical Emperor Jinmu. Listed in the Shinsen shōjiroku, the name is found mostly in western Japan. Some families have taken the surname from their places of residence, which had been named after earlier residents of the original Saeki family. Owing to the similarity in pronunciation, it could be that the name is sometimes spelled "Saiki" in America, but the two names are different originally.

Isn't that like the most AWESOME balance ever? 
Wise/All Knowing yet loud and ferocious. When you mix them together what do you get? Apparently Miss Tomoko !

That's all for Miss Factual 01 Folks !

  • Shinko Li [25669,Robin] sweep? Not my martial arts sensei . My NIHONGO TEACH SENSEI silly goose.
  • SimMan Very interesting yet I am not sure about Tomoko = wise child because the English translation Tomoko represents at least a few different japanese names for example 朋子 (friendly child), 智子 (wise child), 皆子 (beautiful child) and 倫子 (???). Unfortunately the japanese name of Tomoko in DNA2 is the last one 倫子and the meaning is hard to find on the web. I guess only someone with a strong background in Japanese can explain that.
  • Shinko Li Miss Factual 02 and 03 is both up and running guys ! Don't forget to check it out !
  • Robin You've got a new fan of this series :)
  • Shinko Li Don't forget miss factual 02 !
  • dead_phone Great research, Shinko Li!
    @HEIS3780, this could be a nice addition to your already excellent guide.
  • Shinko Li [110946,HEIS3780] This may interest you.
    • (deleted) What's really awesome is your research work, and your dedication to your goals. Really amazing!
      Actually, I never took the game THAT seriously to reach this kind of information.
      Indeed, it interests me a lot!
      I think not even [24830,SimMan] had this intention, or he did? Say something to us here, my all-mighty friend!
      Your conclusion is bright! Please, keep up the good work.
      Also, [117268,Panda Banda], [65583,Keiryu], [25033,Soham Banerjee], [25669,Robin], and all other fans, take a look at this. This really deserves your attention.
      • Robin Thanks for pointing me to this post :)
      • Keiryu before i start saying anything i am gonna say something no matter what i say it is not like i find this bad or anything i find this quite interesting(me being a big fan of Trivia knowledge and all) so don´t get me wrong @Shinko Li you did a great job and i hope you keep on doing this. ^_^

        ok now that that is out of my system i am gonna start. ^_^

        first you forgot to mention my Kohai [78649,℟angßøømeՐ] there second while i find this very interesting and truthfull(Tomoko being both quite smart/wise and Ferocious/loud when needed) it is not like this is very hard to Trivia to come by and i can even show you where you got this information from because i know the site that has the exact same thing writen on it now like i said don´t get me wrong it is still interesting knowledge but just not the type that interests me because i already know stuff like this(yes i have no life and that is why i know so much Trivial bullcrap) ^_^

        and to the trivia about her name there are many things it can mean Tomoko can mean "Knowing Child" or "Wise Child" like you said
        but it can also mean "Friendly Child" and much more important it can mean "beautiful Girl" which i personaly fits even better to our loved Miss Fukoma then "Wise Child".

        but if i remember correctly the Kanji used in her name are the ones for "Assistant", "Chief" , "Companion" and "Child"(of course all of those can also have a diffrent meaning but i am just to lazy to search for them right now so you have to be happy with those). ^_^

        So yeah i am getting sidetracked again and before i start going on and on about this i will stop

        BUTT!! like i said keep it up Shinko it is still interesting to know stuff like this and it is always nive to see people who come up with original ideas instead of just posting half nacked girls so yeah keep it up. ^_^
        • Shinko Li (Please Read.)Alright after re-reading your comment and eating and doing several other things to come up with a thought out
          reply on your opinion. I want to express before I express myself that I greatly, appreciate your opinion and
          tips. I also want to express that forgive me of my lack of consideration of not being creative enough to impress
          you on this post. This only fulfills me with more determination and excitement to impress you with something,
          "You did not know." Instead of being up to shot with everything as far as facts goes.^~^ Moving on.

          First of all, I posted that for everyone, some people didn't know those cute little facts. It's good to know that
          you're on top of your Interests. I respect that you knew that, I didn't know that myself. So when I looked up those
          things I thought it'd be a cute thing to share. (No Offense)

          Second of all, I get what you're saying. I should put more effort and have more facts. Use my own words and use more then
          one source and be even 10 times more legitimate. I get that I totally understand that. But the only reason I didn't go
          full out, is because I was waiting to see what type of reaction it would get to the community. Now that I know it was a positive
          response. I will continue doing so. But the first and second post were merely a test, that exceeded my expectations. I wasn't
          expecting this much feedback let alone a thorough well thought out opinion from you. (Thanks.)

          Third of all, I'm ashamed of my mistake. Due to me studying the japanese language/culture. I forgot that that kanji has several
          different meanings. I should've looked deeper into it. But me being so EXCITED to post something I thought would get people intrigued,
          caused me to make such a mistake. Also, I wasn't aware that your "Kohai" would be interested in this post.

          Fourth and lastly, You don't need to be unneccessarily nice to me . No one doesn't need to be. This isn't towards you , but generally
          towards everyone. I don't like acting, in fact it pisses me off.(Not saying that you were, just for future posts.) So please don't give me any type of credit you feel I don't deserve.
          It's like newgrounds, don't just 5 star everything you know? Thanks again and no offense. I've been working on this 3rd post all day,
          I noticed how people are too lazy to read long posts are comments. So I'm trying to balance it in making it short and factual as possible.
          Thanks for taking the time to read this, if not then well. Shit, I just wasted a few hours on my thought on this. x) (Excuse language) Stay frosty <3
          • Keiryu i think most that could have been said about this(from me) has already been said and first of all i myself am gonna thank you for taking the time and reading everything i wrote because i know better then anyone that i sometimes can go on and on about stuff something that is often seen in my posts and comments so yeah i always try to read everything that people write mostly because it realy shows that they have an actual opinion instead of the usual "Good Job" and "THIS IS AWESOME" many tend to write on stuff like this without actualy understanding what the ones posting it want to show everyone. ^_^

            anyway moving on i say it right now i was not being nice i am a dick and i admit it heck pretty much everyone here knows that i am a dick but if there is one thing i can appreciate is people who come up with interesting ideas to post here and if you check out my Account you will notice i started several posting Series like my "Black-Spears-oh" series which is currently(and has been for a while) on hold because i just got realy busy with stuff and could not continue it but still it is stuff like that that i love to see it is ideas like those that make this site diffrent because let´s be honest no matter how nice it is to see hot half naked girls after a while it gets old so yeah i was not being nice to you i was just giving you my honest opinion of what i tought.

            all in all said you seem to have understood what i wanted to tell you and that was "Make it more yours" anyone can copy past stuff from wikipedia but it will be so much more interesting when you make it your own but i do understand that you first wanted to test it i do the same thing before i start posting one of my Mini-series i did it when i posted the "Black-Spears-Oh" series i did it when i posted my "pokemon to Digimon" Series and i even did it when i posted my "Keiryu´s Female´s" series so i can understand that better then anyone that you wanted to first get some feedback. ^_^

            so yeah before i start going on and on again i am gonna stop here but keep this coming it is interesting and when i said that i was not interessted in it it realy just meant exactly that it did not meant that this is a bad idea so i hope you keep on making this. ^_^
          • (deleted) Unless you send me to hell, of course...
          • (deleted) That's right man, you can back down, but giving up: NEVER!
            Continue your good work.
            I know that you posted this for everyone, but I simply thought that calling out some guys who really like this matter would help you increase the interest on a matter that you took so seriously.
            But I'm glad that you didn't take his comments on the wrong side. His real intention, as the same of everyone else out here, is enjoying a good work, fruit of a hard effort, such as yours.
            I'm not a student of oriental culture, I simply like anime/manga, but I'll keep supporting your works as best as I can.
            PS: that kanji comments were really interesting.
        • (deleted) Sorry, I didn't forget about [78649,℟angßøømeՐ]. It's just that his name is a hell to write... LOL
          • Keiryu yeah i know that his name is hard to write that is why me and many other people end up just calling him Rang or Rangboomer(or Kohai in my case) because we are all a bunch of lazy bastards. ^_^
        • Shinko Li give me a second before I reply to this I gotta think for a moment and respond properly.
        • Keiryu wow i realy got sidetracked here o.o..............i gotta stop doing that. ^_^
      • Shinko Li I take this extremely serious. Especially Ami, I am not joking when I say my determination knows no bounds. And i will show that to everyone here in blackspears.
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