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Heya Black Spearians, Here tonight with another Miss Factual 03! Took me awhile due to a lot of thinking andpreparations and stuff! I'm excited to be sharing with you on what I found fact worthy. I'll try and make this asSHORT as possible for you lazy bugs out there! Please bare with me.
These facts today is on Miss Kotomi Takanashi! Guess what Facts I'm going to give you on her? Intel on her name and stuff of course ! You silly little noodle reader. Lets begin. 
Kotomi Takanashi (筝美  鷹梨)
- Lets start with her first name shall we?! 
"Koto" (筝) is actually the NAME of a stringed japanese instrument.For those of you who don't know it's a national instrument of Japan. (That's a big deal and a BIG TITLE) The Koto (筝) is actually originated from China . (Lots of things are people. Lots of things Including Kanji It's self)It came to japan around the 7-8th century . The "Koto"(筝) is about - 5-6 inches long and is made of Paulownia Woodtypically/commonly. (I won't go into too much detail about koto on this post. I WILL make another post and add a picture for those interested.) The "Mi" ( 美 )Character In Kotomi actually means "Beauty./A beautiful Person" Of course the Kanji for "Mi", ( 美 )has several different meanings. I will only go over a FEW that are actually relevant . For example, Mi(魅) also means"Fascination/Charm/Bewitch", in a whole 'nother sense. Just a different Kanji/Meaning but same character "Mi" ! One more I'm trying not to make the post too long.  The Kanji for 'Utsukushii ( 美 ), simply means beauty/beautiful. When you call a lady Utsukushii in japanese, (In a deep sense from what I was taught by my Sensei.) Means you are literally comparing her elegance and beauty to a flower. In a romantic sense, that's special. Very special, I love how languages explain a simple word with so much feeling behind it. Like Latin/Greek with English. We have some beautiful words.. And so do many other languages. It's listening about to the same story outof other people's mouths . Colourful each time . Now, onto Takanashi. 
- Lets begin with the last name Takanashi the Surname of Kotomi. 
I admit the last name was a friggen challenge to dig up on for me.First of all what I know and have learned from my sensei, is that "Taka"    (鷹 )means "Hawk" Also means "High" (高) In Japanese. Nashi means a numeral amount of things, "Null/Nothing/Without/And Pears" In other words meaning "Without Hawks."But that didn't make any sense so I researched and decided to bother my sensei on Facebook. ( LOVE<3 YOU SENSEI)He told me that another meaning of the word "Takanashi" (鷹梨) That means "Playful little Hawks./Playful little birds" I IMMEDIATELY thought aboutKotomi's adorableness and found that it fit her greatly ! Another meaning I've grabbed to gather that's possible is that her name means"High Pear." Well that's all for Miss Factual 03. Sorry if it was too long ;D
  • Keiryu very good i love how you changed the form and actualy made it your own this is how it becomes realy interesting you actualy considered the diffrent meanings which make a big diffrence if you ask me all in all keep up the good work and i am already happy to see what you will come up when it is time for Karin. ^_^
  • (deleted) YAAAAYYY!!!! Kotomi is the greatest!!!
    Now that I understand more about her name, I adore her even more!!!
    Just let me ask you a few things [119063,Shinko Li] .
    The "Koto" couldn't be interpretated as "song"? Because, then, Kotomi would mean "a beautifull, bewitching song". Really fits her well, considering her likes for rhythmic Gymnastics.
    And about Takanashi, "playful little birds".... it's so her!!! Now that you said it, she really give the feel of a little bird, peeping free a beautifull song!
    Thank you man, for fueling my love for Kotomi!
    • Shinko Li I didn't even know Kotomi was your favorite. But that's sorta my goal with this indepth information. To get an emotional grasp of the character and become really serious with them alot more as I've gotten with Ami. Thanks for the support and also. The name has many meanings, with that being said it's like learning a new word with many definitions . So I guess in different perspectives it's all how you see her and how you manipulate those definitions of how you see her in your eyes. .
      • Shinko Li Might I add [110946,HEIS3780] That I love the way you see her in your eyes. I really liked that comment you typed up out up there.
        • (deleted) Hey dude, can I ask you something?
          Would you like compile your work? It's very good, but it's all scattered!