I prefer Lamias over mermaids ladies and gents. Just saying !
Lamias are like serpent ladies :P
  • (deleted) Personally, I preffer girls WITH an @ZZ...
    • Keiryu mehh i agree with you on that most animal/monster girls are weird but honestly if i had to chosse an Animal like girl in my life it would either be a Neko-girl(CAT GIRLS RULE BI**ES) or a Dragon like girl i mean she could keep you warm and you know she is "Hot" all the time. ^_^
      • (deleted) Yeah, problem is if she becomes TOO HOT, and burns your @ZZ to a crisp!!!
        And "cat" girls, they puke fur!!!!
        NO NO NO, I still think that girls that can hug me with the @ZZ are not a good choice...
        • Keiryu yeah it fit´s but THE MASTER OF INSANITY is not just any normal Madman at least give me that much credit i worked long and hard(not realy totaly self appointed ^_^) to earn that titel i deserve to be called as such. ^_^
        • Keiryu yeah there is always a problem with those Monster girls then again everyone has their own fetish as long as the girl has long hair and i like her i would not care if she would burn me to a crisp or puke fur(as long as it was not during a kiss) as long as the love is there you can even endure the worst.^_^
          • (deleted) OOOOOKAY!!! As I always use to say: each madman with his own mania!!! Hey man, that fits you pretty well!!!!
  • Keiryu for some reason i feel like you should know Alice from Monster Girl Quest.......not quite sure why i brought that game up since it pretty much just made my INSANITY grow more and not in the good way but still since you said you like them...
    • Shinko Li monster girl quest? what's that?
      • Keiryu it´s a very very very very very very very *5 hours later* very very very very disturbing Eroge style game where instead of making sweet sweet love to girls the main hero get´s brutaly raped by a Monster girl every time he loses(and yes the game actualy wants you to lose on purpose).

        and well the Main Heroin(Alice) just so happens to be a Lamia or to be more precise a Echidnia which is simply a stronger Lamia that´s why i tought you might know it. ^_^
        • Shinko Li SEND ME LINK :D !!!
          • Keiryu sure thing but i warned you it´s weird as hell. but mehh i send you a message. ^_^
        • Shinko Li Why am I unaware of this franchise what is this ?! *curious face*
          • Keiryu like i said it is a very very very *again 5 hours later* very disturbing game it´s realy just for fan´s of Monster girl or people who are INSANE like me but i still say this game is disturbing as hell but if you want to give it a shot i can see if i have a link for it somewhere. ^_^