Made this emblem for a pirate crew/team/guild I want to start called QuanSea. Quan In chinese means Circle. With that being said it means CircleSeas. The meaning behind that is basically, No matter what sea(obstacle) In life you may encounter. It is conquerable. Endurance+Faith+WillPower Over comes all. It is also saying that we are master of the sea. It also is showing appreciating and respect to the circle of life it's self. And Also giving the middle finger to enemies . The circle has alot of meanings dude...Lots of meaning. 
  • (deleted) That's right brother!
    100% supported!
    I'm no master at anything, but my will to carry on in life is based on those principles!!!
    • Shinko Li No one is a truly a master, only those who truly believe they are limit their selves. True "masters" Constantly progress their selves with full on determination. A student will forever be a student when it comes to the circle of life.