Congrats to the newest member of the OVER 9000 club: Soham Banerjee
That's right, we now have five members whom have accumulated this much power...I mean points. ;)
  • Soham Banerjee What can I say? I am flattered and touched by this post.Its such a sweet gesture.
    I enjoy sharing happiness with the fans of Simgirls and sharing some wild SG fantasies which [24830,SimMan] may consider adding into the game.
    I hope I will be able to make you guys happy with my posts.Thanks once again for supporting me.
  • Keiryu nice congrats Soham.....i am kind of suprised that he has not gotten this many points earlier i was almost sure he would be one of the first to get it. ^_^
    • Soham Banerjee Actually,I knew I wont reach there early.Your absence is one of the reasons.You have overlooked so many of my posts.Besides,many of my followers have become irregular here.
      • Keiryu yeah true i try to see everyones posts but i usualy just don´t have time it is kind of sad but still i was more suprised because out of everyone here(except SimMan) your stuff is the most original in terms of posts and i realy think you should have way more likes for it but yeah that´s just my opinion. ^_^
        • Soham Banerjee Now you saying that means everything to me.
          I have had a low phase on this site.
          At one point some members had tried to prove to sim-man that I created multiple accounts to gain points.When I was accused of it,I even thought of leaving this site and never post again! I even stopped posting for few days.
          The positive side of this was I realised that a lot of members have continuously followed my posts,including you.
          But then I decided to fight back.I thought I dont need to prove anything to anyone as long as I know the truth.I decided to ignore those things completely.

          Coming back to your point,another reason of my slow point increase is I dont follow anyone or dont message anyone to like my posts and stuff.
    • Soham Banerjee Thanks Keirro :D
  • SimMan The fifth person who has over 9000 points in this planet.