Beer of the day #11: Guinness Draught
~Irish dry stout for St. Patrick's day. A classic beer that is okay in taste, taste like water to me but that's my opinion.  
  • Odysseus93 Guinness is my main alcoholic beverage of choice.
  • Keiryu Guinness is not that bad of a beer i actualy like the taste even tough it seems a bit weak compared to other beers...but then again last time i drank it i was already so drunk i could have been drinking liquifid poo and i would not have noticed any diffrence. ^_^
    • AF73R5H0CK Yeah it's not bad, but sometimes I like a little more kick.
      • Keiryu that is exactly what i am saying i think guinness is better for those that can´t hold their drinks but still want to hang with the drinker crowd but like i said been a while since i last drank it. ^_^