Beer of the day #12: Arrogant Bastard Ale

~ 1Pint beer bottle that will kick your ass if you are not prepared. It even says "YOU'RE NOT WORTHY" right on the front of the bottle and a statement on the back that tells you not to drink it if you are not manly enough.  It's a great beer if you can handle it and really makes your friends look like pussies if they can't drink it.

*You might want to try it first by yourself before you challenge them to drink it!

  • Keiryu wow never heard of this one but i am intrigued simply because it has a f**king DEMON holding abeer mug as a mascot i mean that is definetly a beer you need to try

    and the you are not worthy statement made me laugh the world has not yet been able to create a beer that i could not drink and i once mistook soap for a beer and almost had to get my stomach pumped(in my defense i was drunk) so yeah i will find this beer and i will drink it even if it kills me. ^_^
    • AF73R5H0CK Yeah if you like beer you will really enjoy it, it's basically a taunt to people who only drink bud light or Ultra. I got mine in South Carolina, but brewed in California...the land of the...well you know lol
      • Keiryu well you know it must be good then(strenght wise) how was the taste you know it would suck if this was all power and in the end tasted like medium warm piss(and yes am looking at most british beers nothing against british people but you realy like warm beer why...)
        • AF73R5H0CK I would download the free untapped app (an app that people will post/find beers near your location) just to help the search! Basically people or owners of bars/stores will post locations of beers and rate them on a 5 star rating, you also can earn achievements. So like an xbox for beer lol!
        • AF73R5H0CK lol it was actually one of the best damn beers I have had, defiantly in my top 5. I expected it to be all talk and was surprised, but it is pricy for one beer lol. It's a little over 7% alcohol too.
          • Keiryu meh if you say so like i said i am definitly gonna try it might take a while tough i have been cutting back on the drinking so yeah gotta get myself ready first. ^_^