Beer of the day #13: Stranger American Pale Ale
~ I will warn everyone that is not familiar with hops or spicy rye in their beers that you should pour this into a glass, and not attempt to drink it out the bottle! You can drink it out the bottle, I suggest stirring/inverting before drinking, but the real flavor is released when poured into a nice cold glass. It's a pretty good beer that catches the eyes of strangers!
  • Keiryu i am the kind of guy who prefers a nice glass/mug over the bottle simply because i donĀ“t like to suck on things that are c**k shaped. ^_^
    • AF73R5H0CK lol you would be that homophobic...wait a second they are...damn it!
      • Keiryu yeah nothing homophobic about it i still drink out of the bottle every now and then but seriously why make it look like that just seems weird. ^_^
        • AF73R5H0CK lol I have seem some guys who wrap their mouth around the bottles and drink and I'm like...WTF dude! WTF! Makes me not want to drink out of them.
          • Keiryu that is one thing but i know dudes that actualy start sucking on the bottle i just stand there looking like an idiot and end up asking the bartender/waiter/waitress to give me a glass/mug/cup. ^_^