This is how they me at my school
  • Ebony i agree with einstein. all test are standerized from the "normal" and not to the extroandry. if there was a test like that made for a few (based on the person). if thing are made a little differnt they can change some things and we can find those that can change our world or save live or even make works of art that can truly move the soul. just remember if you try and do what you are good at you will succeed and if you dont know explore and you will find it.
  • 1774688 Everybody may be a genius, but just because you are unique does not mean you are useful. Aside from that, this cartoon doesn't seem to be all that unfair. Some are just better at one kind of tests than others. Besides that, education is supposed to prepare its subjects to function in society and to explore certain abilities on to such a level they can be pursued independantly or on a deeper, more specialised level. If said education system fails to do so, it may not just be the pupil that doesn't fit in, but the system may be faulty. In the current situation it most likely is. Summer vacations once started to let pupils help in the harvest season. Nowadays 2% of the western schoolgoing population still needs such amenities, perhaps less. Also, classes are now sorted mostly by the period pupils were born, not necesseraly by their development. I might go on with this, but it's late and this isn't really the place for a rant on educational systems... :P
  • Odysseus93 Well put, and completely true.