Keiryu´s Females...Turles "The Beautiful Space Pirate"
Another day another beauty for Keiryu´s Corner this time we have Turles the sexy sexy space pirate...on thing is for sure i don´t mind getting my planet attacked by "her"..if only "she" had Longer hair but meh you can´t have everything well anyway hope you enjoy it. ^_^

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(gotta get more hotties)
  • 1774688 Quite good, moreso in not overemphasising breast size. As a Saiyan, she is first and foremost a warrior and therefore needs a compact bust, not huge-ass knockers which will mostly get in the way.
    • Keiryu well if you think about most female anime characters who are fighters, you will notice that most of the time a larger pair of breasts means she is stronger(i am not even kidding) ^_^
  • Kash There are some legs there..... :-)
    • Keiryu i admit this is not the best of my little Beauty corner but trust me the next one is gonna be very special. ^_^
      • Kash

        am referring to above post :-)
        • Keiryu but where is the fun if i make everything short plus this is nothing compared to a couple arguments i had some time ago about how much i love long haired girls. ^_^
        • Keiryu ahhh yes 18 still one of the hottest woman in Anime History but sadly i don´t include Females in this beauty corner i only include "Females" if you know what i mean. ^_^
          • Kash Honestly, you could have said with less words that you don't like girls with short hair...... :-)