have to write a short story and don't know what to write about... any ideas? ^_^
  • chronoh Probably late to the party but write about a man having writer's block and just ends up surfing the web for an upcoming game hoping to get some inspiration, but ends up eating the day away. Call it "Based on a True Story"
  • Alex write about what you care about
  • gifking it just had to be a short story about nothing lol..fiction or non fiction , the more details it had the easier it would of been though lol
  • SimMan write about nothingness
  • Kash write about what you see if you look out of the window and than, reflect on it. That is creative and might be highly interesting.
  • Keiryu it depends what is the story about...i mean i canĀ“t give any ideas unless i know what you have to write about.