has anybody heard anything about the effects of this on the u.s.?? crazy stuff
  • gifking there are actually areas that are never to be inhabited again. and remember the fukushima reactors? the failing reactors that seawater was used to cool? think about where the seawater flows to... the west coast and the surrounding area are experiencing very high levels of radiation and its affecting the whole food chain. for example, radioactive fish is found in the ocean.. bigger and bigger animals eat that fish (including humans, eating their salmon, tuna, etc) and the radiation spreads up the food chain. this radiation in these animals has caused stomach bleeding, cancerous lesions, physical defects. i don't live on the west coast but i think of all the food that may be shipped to me here, and it definitely has me more aware of where my food and stuff is coming from. not to mention this, but think of all the inland ground water that has been contaminated, and the effect of radioactive rain on the ecosystem. and have we heard of any of this anywhere in the news since around the time this happened? (march 2011) i mean we might hear something about the reactor itself sometimes but never the dangers of all of this radiation
  • Kash I clickt like because I am concerned and not because i "like" subject, obviously, anyway.., certain areas are to be opened for the people within the next few days. But there are only about 20 to 50 % who wants to return, depending which statistic you "trust". That means, that government wants to go back to the "as usual agenda", and getting rid of bad publicity. Hence, starting up all the power plants which have been shut down. Japan cannot afford the import of fuel in the long run in that quantiy it has since the earth quake. And we are dependent on foreign countries for their fuel supply. With tension rising in the area, indipendency is important. There comes the US in the picture, backing up the sometimes ally in the area without provoking Japan's neighbours. Politics, sooooo ridiculous.....
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