which of the 3 pokemon did you pick?
first gen: charmander
second gen: chikorita
third gen: mudkip
fourth gen: chimchar
fifth gen: tepig
sixth gen: fennekin
  • TheFirstKen From the Gens I played
    I am that one weird guy that picks all the grass types for starters.
    I do use fire and water types, I just never really liked the starter ones.
  • Ebony i went with the turtle wanna be
  • Nyx Bean Squirtle! I choose it because I'm Pisces and that's how you know I'm silly.
  • AF73R5H0CK I had Squirtle first but that was on my Blue version, then I got the red version and obviously got Charmander, finally I got yellow version and I have them all lol. I even caught Mew!
  • Keiryu easy Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur in that order and now i have them all. ^_^