Other Dating and Romance Sims (personal quest)
Hello folk! My name is Nyx and I'm a 24 year old Scottish girl/cat living in... Scotland, funnily enough.

I was hoping some of you would be able to help me out with something.

I'm trying to find as many dating and romance sims as I can to buy and keep on my PC. I've played a lot of free sims (obviously SimsGirls being one of them) and while I've had fun experiences with those, I feel as if pay-for games will generally have a higher quality and more content. Gee, that's stating the obvious. Sorry! Oh, having said that, if you know any really good free-to-play ones, please let me know.

Anyway, yes: what I'm looking for are suggestions of dating sims to buy. I can only speak/read English, so I'm also interested in English patches for foreign games, e.g. Love Plus. 

Would be very excited to hear of any yuri otome games, but any sort of style with lesbians would be a huge plus. I'll play pretty much anything though, as long as it is quality.

Hentai is a bonus to any game but not a requirement. 

I apologise for babbling. I hope you can keep track of what I'm saying.

Tell me your favourites!

  • TheFirstKen There are ones that have English patches for some of the older games, just look in the right places. If your in the US buying them can be tough because of importing.
    Air, Kanon, and Clannad are the 3 I normally recommend.
    Katawa Shoujo was a game made by fans that is free to download.
    And the Sengoku Rance if your looking for something different.
    Or the 2 major Type Moon series, Fate / Stay and Tsukihime.
  • SimMan you've come to the right place for help I think we have a few professionals here :)
  • Kash Welcome to the forum!
  • Keiryu ohh i have found a kindreed spirit.

    i can give you some Eroge games but be warned most of them are not dating sim per say but more Visual Novel games but i just give you a small list.

    1. Rance Series: no game list is filled without this game one if not the best Erotic Strategy game out there...plus one of my favorits even tough it is hard as all hell and no there is no Yuri in there.

    2. A Kiss for the Petals series: since you like Yuri here is a yuri game for you it has about 8 diffrent games and all of them have been transalted)never played it tough).

    3. Katahane: is another Yuri style Visual novel game which i again have not played so not much info on that.

    4. Anaheim Girl's Love Story: kind of a sci-fi coworkerXcoworker yuri love story it is again a game i have never Anaheim Girl's Love Storylayed so yeah just try it.

    well here are a few to start with since i don´t realy know many good Dating Sims that are not full fledged Visual Novels(lots of reading and little choice making) and all of them have been translated to english so yeah check them out and let me know if you like them.

    PS: i could give you more but most of them are not Yuri so i will stick with this 4 to begin if you like them i can give you more and if you need a link let me know over PM and i give it to you.
  • Antoniosan The only one I can think of is AchingDreams2. Haven't bought it myself, but the reviews seem good. Not sure how much it leans toward Hentai though, just in case you might not be into Hentai much.